Is the Hunting Community Doomed?

It seems like there has been a shift in the world of hunting in recent years. Depending on where you look it may appear the reason behind hunting and why most of us started in the first place is gone.

When I was a kid my father taught my brother and I how to hunt. Not so one day we could bash other hunters on Facebook for their preferred hunting practices. But so we could learn how to provide for ourselves, to respect the game we harvest, and most of all the comradery that comes with hunting. Some of my best memories come from trading stories with fellow hunters and processing our latest harvest in my uncles barn. We never judged one another. We were just excited for each others success.

Fast forward to today, the world of social media and its hunting groups filled with guys putting other hunters down. Every post is about how this product is better, “shoot or pass”, “you should have given it another year”, and the list goes on. But is this what hunting has turned into?

No, I don’t think so because for every negative post there is a positive one. For every group flooded with hate their are groups like Bowhunters of America that weed out the naysayers.

Even on my show we have a staffer, Justin Wallschlaeger, who is one of the best hunters I know. He consistently harvests mature bucks without need for fancy camo or the latest craze product in the industry. He uses knowledge that was passed onto him. Keeping him rooted in the foundation of what hunting is all about.

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We should all always remember and teach others the basis of what hunting is about. Conservation, comradery, family and most of all, our love for the great outdoors. So you tell me, why do you hunt?

Brian Kirby

Kirby Brothers Outdoors & Take Aim TV

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