Anti-Hunters Raising Money to Put Up More Billboards Calling for Suburban Bowhunting Ban

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that does not make it right.

The Animal Protection League of New Jersey put up a billboard on the New Jersey N/S Route 3 east of Route 120 calling for a ban on backyard bowhunting. The activist are calling for non lethal solutions to manage deer populations in the region which would mean sterilization. This solution is not effective as it’s extremely expensive and there a many hunters who would pay to control local whitetail populations.

It’s currently legal to bowhunt in Saddle River, NJ as long as rules and regulations are followed. The anti hunting groups are looking to change that with these billboards. They even have a GoFundMe campaign going right now to raise funds for additional billboards.

Luckily the campaign is not doing very well…..

Aside from the moral objections the Animal Protection League of New Jersey is also falsely claiming that bowhunting is endangering families.

Should a child pick up or step on an arrow, they could become injured. To give you an idea of how sharp the arrows are, hunters use a special wrench to attach the arrow to the arrow shaft, to avoid cutting themselves.

That quote from the group is a post hoc fallacy since there have been no cases of children being injured by lost broadheads anywhere else where suburban bowhunting is legal. The same flawed logic could be used to advocate for a ban on all sharp objects, household cleaners, and any number of things that are potentially dangerous if misused. The Simpsons captured this false concern perfectly before.

As long as hunters are following local rules and regulations bowhutning in suburbia is a safe an necessary conservation practice. Many land owners with problem deer will even give hunters permission to hunt on their property if asked. The Suburban Bowhunter Crew hunts the Atlanta area with great success.

Featured image is a screen shot from the gofundme page

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  1. Using that rationale, we should ban steak knives and razor blades because a child may pick one up and cut himself…

  2. Using that rationale, we should ban steak knives and razor blades because a child may cut himself with one…

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