South Carolina Anglers Reel in Over $1 Million of Cocaine

Fisherman in Florida call this sort of catch a “Square Grouper”

These deep sea fisherman were miles off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina searching for Mahi-mahi when they found something very different. The anglers said that the fish were schooling around a large object floating on the surface.

“Every time time we passed it we caught a fish,” one of the men said, the TV station reported.

After catching a few of the schooling fish the anglers reeled in the giant floating cube. When they opened the package they discovered almost 50 kilograms of cocaine. At that point he sailors contacted to Coast Guard who took possession of the cocaine. “It definitely doesn’t happen off the Charleston coast every day,” Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Phillip VanderWeit said, WCSC reported. “It’s a bit more common further south, whether in the Caribbean or the south Pacific.”

Here’s a more typical Mahi- mahi fishing trip from Gulf South Outdoors

Image is a screen shot from the video

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