Video: Bear Catches Deer and Drags It Up a Tree

Imagine seeing something like this while driving to the grocery store.

A man in California was driving down the road when she saw a bear chasing a fawn. The black bear was able to easily catch the fawn, but it was a little bothered by the person filming the scene from the car. After a few seconds the bear started to climb a nearby tree with the fawn still bleating in its mouth. Eventually the bear ran off into the brush to enjoy its meal.

While this video might seem disturbing, all animals need to eat. This is just part of nature.

If you want to keep fawns safe it’s best to leave them alone. Here’s a preview of what professional fawn care looks like at a deer farm

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  1. Read the write up about the bear catching the fawn. I think it would be good to preview before posting. Read it again and tell me what’s wrong.

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