I’m renewing my conceal carry

I’ve become complacent. I’ve become lax when it comes to my families’ security. Today I was sitting at a picnic, and I got an alert on my phone. The headline read “Mass Shooting killing 20 people in Walmart”.

I looked around, and I noticed that there was 20 of us at the picnic. I couldn’t shake the fact right then, and I could only imagine had we been those folks in Texas. What could I have done? What would I have done? These games are a never ending thoughts that can run through your mind. Here’s what I came up with:

  • I was not a victim in Texas.
  • I love my family (even you Aunt Bethany).
  • I want to be able to react in a situation in a calm prepared manner.
  • I’m going to seek out training to bring my training from being something I once did.
  • I’m going to renew my conceal carry

Years ago, I stopped carrying concealed. I disagreed with the licensing with the state, and I feel like conceal carry laws are discriminatory, along with illegal according to the second amendment. That all aside, are ideals reasons to not carrying a chance of protection concealed?

Carrying a concealed weapon isn’t a light topic, and shouldn’t be tossed around lightly. However, I feel that the time is over for 20 people whose lives are lost to a careless cowardly gunman. I’ve scheduled my conceal carry class for the next week, and I’m going through the process, as I want the option to even the playing field in a shooter situation.

I hope you will consider to get training along with your conceal carry license – stay safe out there, and stay safe.

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  1. Our gun laws are fine. By making them harder or taking guns out of the hands of responsible people Biden is just setting up Americans to be placed in hands of criminals that don’t care about the gun laws now! Does Biden honestly think by changing or banning certain guns, that will keep them out of the hands of Criminals? Has anything he’s done worked so far? Give me a break. Biden is so old and so out of it he doesn’t see all the harm is doing to America. All this BS on RASISM is just that BS all that is doing is setting us back in time. If he’s so worried about crime why hasn’t anything been done about the crimes Hunter & Biden himself have made? How about Nancy Pelosi? Kamala Harris keeping people in prison longer so they could help fight the fires? Biden needs to stop messing around with America he’s just making it worse! He should’ve of never been elected to run this Country! Biden needs to leave the Gun Laws alone! Nothing he passes will the Criminals’ that get their guns on the street will stop. He’s just taking responsible Gun owners rights away. Why do we have a Constitution just so Biden can say the hell with the Peoples Rights? Who ever voted for him (even the dead people that so called voted) Have been played! Next time Vote RED! Democrats are no longer for the People, they forgot who they work for just like Biden. Trump worked for the people he just needed to stay off of twitter. I wish Trump was still in office! Biden sucks!

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