Trump supports ‘red flag’ laws, potentially affecting veterans gun ownership

The Monday news cycle included a doozy for veterans in America. Donald Trump showed support for quick action for the shootings that occured over the weekend in Ohio and Texas. In that 10 minute speech he laid out ideas to expand red flag laws, where a family member can ask a judge to remove someones firearms from their home.

Currently 16 states along with the District of Columbia has their own “red flag” laws on the books blocking anyone that might be a danger to themselves or others from accessing firearms.

States with Red Flag laws

Current stats show that over 1 million veterans suffer from PTSD, and red flag bills stop others from coming forward seeking the help they may need for fearing of being labeled. Currently red flags for veterans for done in secret at VA hospitals, with as much as 25% of the flags to be unfounded per an investigation from the VA Office of Inspector General.

In general the NRA has opposed any such restriction that a red flag law would bring, but with all the turmoil going on with them currently, we’re unsure how effective they are going to be on this topic. We do know that the NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre spoke with President Trump, and put him on notice that the voter base would not welcome any additional firearm restrictions, as it would not have prevented the mass shootings that happened in El Paso or Dayton.

Be wary of these Red Flag laws, they are simply another way to creep in to your rights.

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