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Guns Used in El Camino : A Break Bad Movie

Pinkman is back, and the body count is going to rise

Almost 6 years ago, Breaking Bad ended after 62 episodes based on Walter White, a high school chemistry teach turned meth cook and drug kingpin.  Hollywood loves to romanticize these types of dramas, and leveling up the type of bloodshed that is shown on the screen. Breaking Bad has a cult following, so much so it spurred the spin off “Better Call Saul”, which follows the early days of the slimy yet anti-gun actor Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman.  Netflix kept this movie a secret until late this Summer.  Enough with the background, let’s talk about the firearms we saw in the movie! We’ll try to not ruin it for you with spoilers, but be aware they could happen.

If you recall, the series ends with Walter White using a machine gun rigged up on a garage door opener trunk contraption to annihilate a gang that had imprisoned Jesse (unbeknownst to Walter) and killed his DEA brother-in-law to just mention a few things.  Jesse is able to flee the crime scene in a Chevy El Camino, hence the name.

It’s never smart to get your gun wet. (Photo: Netflix)

The first place Jesse goes is to a friends house, and goes to take a shower.  However he’s not going to be caught off guard, so he puts his wet Ruger P-Series, we’ll identify as a two toned P-89 with decocker on the window seal of the shower.

Shortly there after Jesse is on a race to get “fat stacks” of cash. He’s looking for a hefty sum, and along his journey meets a few folks that wants the cash as well.  Short of it all, he has a 1911 pulled on him.  However not just any 1911, a highly recognizable Kimber Ultra Raptor II.  Gotta be honest, I wonder if Kimber paid to be in the movie.

Kimber Ultra Raptor II (Photo: Netflix)

Jesse gets away, but has to split the money, like any good story the story isn’t over yet. He gets away, but not with enough cash.  Last time he was outgunned, so he has to seek out the folks that ambushed him earlier.

However just getting out of a homemade prison cell, doesn’t leave you with a nice stash of guns to get, so where does one go when they need a reliable piece? Home.  He robs his parents house (again) and gets some rather old pieces that were passed down by his grandfather. At first glance I thought was a Luger, only to see that it’s a High Standard .22,  more likely a Colt Woodsman! The other less impressive piece at first glance is a hammerless Smith & Wesson Lemon Squeezer in .32 S&W.

Who says you can’t go home? (Photo: Netflix)

It turns out the Lemon Squeezer is the lifesaver of the entire movie, saving his life, and offering some entertainment for those that watch the movie. Ultimately though, the Kimber 1911, is the real equalizer.

Lemon Squeezer with pearl handles! (Photo: Netflix)
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