Google indexes your gun serial numbers

This entire article is a public service announcement.  We aren’t trying to scare you, simply let those that may not know something that has been circulating around the internet for some time now.

One of the coolest and scary things that computers have been doing better and better is reading content from images. We don’t just search with keywords or phrases anymore, we search with images.  So to offer the most comprehensive search results, Google has implemented AI for the OCR or optical character recognition software. It can read license plates off car images, what your shirt says, and *SHOCK* serial numbers off firearms.  This type of software has been perfected for medical use at your local doctors office for some time now, when they scan your insurance card and it auto fills things out.

Don’t let other blogs, no matter if the url contains firearms or not, try to scare you.

It can be argued that this is the next step for the government registering all firearms.  I just want to stop you right there, as if most anyone will let you know the BATF was able to trace down the folks who sold John Hinckley that .22 Roehm Model RG14 in just 16 minutes.  I would imagine that would be done in 1/3 of the time now, if not faster depending on the level of red tape that one has to go through.

However don’t let this stop you from taking high quality photos when you post those Wheeler long range rifles, or Custom Colt shop 1911s.  Just know this, when you take high quality photos and post them on the internet…they are there for life.

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