Angry Canadian Crabs Are Threatening Fragile US Ecosystems

People from Canada are known for their friendliness and their propensity to say sorry for almost anything.

Canadian wildlife does not share the same kind disposition as the human residents of the country. Despite being part of the same species, Green crabs from Nova Scotia are much more aggressive than their american counterparts. This has researchers at the University of New England concerned.

The green crab population has increased dramatically in some areas of Maine in the past few years, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR). They feed on shellfish, such as blue mussels and soft-shell clams, threatening one of the state’s major wild fisheries. Those resources could be in even more danger in the coming years because of a more aggressive breed of green crab now showing up in the state’s waters.

“The ones that are coming in now are even more destructive,” says Markus Frederich, Ph.D., professor of Marine Sciences. “So, if we think we have a green crab problem now, in a few years it will be way more pronounced.” “What we’re seeing is this insane level of aggressiveness,” Frederich told the Associated Press. The crabs are coming into Maine from Nova Scotia, Canada.

“They are the most aggressive crabs ever seen. We don’t understand yet why they are so aggressive,” Frederich says. 

The crabs are wiping out other shellfish species, grass beds, and other vulnerable parts of the ecosystem. Until a more scientific solution is found there’s only one thing you can do to stop them.


As it turns out the green crabs has a sweet ocean taste to them and they make a good soup or chowder. Once you’ve caught some for yourself you can use this quick and easier method from Outfitter’s Guide to prep the green crabs for cooking.

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