Mass Shootings Are Less Likely in ‘Nicer’ Theaters

Any place that prohibits concealed carry is a target for a mass shooting. We’ve seen this a number of times already so far, with shootings at movie theaters, concerts, churches, schools, malls, stores and the list goes on. At the same time America is experiencing the coming of age of influencers whose sole job is to get the masses to buy things. Influencers that are so outside of the everyday life that lose sight of what the everyday person goes through, and what is important to them.

Prime example, is this “influencer” duo also sisters Jackie and Claudia Oshry. Their Instagram usernames are @JackieOProblems, and @GirlWithNoJob with 200k, and 3M followers for reference. Jackie made a comment during their podcast The Morning Toast that “the elevation of the movie theater experience, with iPic and some of the nicer movie theaters” she no longer feels scared to go to the movies.

She followed up by stating, “If you’re going to shoot up a movie theater, it’s not going to be the most expensive one.” She tried to clarify a bit later on Facebook, “…why would a shooter pay $30 for a movie when they can pay $15.”

She must think that folks willing to commit these horrendous crimes are concerned about money. Simply ludacris!

Next she’s going to tell me that I shouldn’t need to own a firearm when I can dial 911 from my cell phone. I’ve attached the audio clip for you to listen to yourself. However, please don’t follow people like this.

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