Video: Wisecracking Biologist Talks a Rattlesnake Out of the Road

Moving a snake off the road never came along with commentary quite like this.

Youtuber Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t recently uploaded a video of a rattlesnake relocation. In the video he coaxes the snake off the roadway with plenty of colorful commentary throughout the video.

The YouTuber correctly identified the snake as a member of the Crotalus oreganus which is found in North America in the western United States, parts of British Columbia, and northwestern Mexico. Based on his seemingly knowledgeable commentary and user name we are going to assume he’s a biologist.

This sort of snake charming is best left to the experts so we don’t encourage you to try this on your own. However you should always look out for snakes and other wildlife on the roadway.

Snakes play a valuable role in the ecosystem and they are both predators and prey. That snake you avoided hitting on the road could be a snack for a owl latter on. That’s what happened in this clip from the live Eastern Screech Owl Cam on CarbonTV.


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