Oklahoma Begins Constitutional Carry

In February, Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed HB 2597, upholding his campaign promise made during his last campaign. That means starting today, November 1st the start of lawful concealed carry for any Oklahoman over the age of 21 to carry concealed.

Oklahoma joins 15 other states across the country that under the law recognize the rights to law-biding citizens to carry concealed firearms without first getting government permission prior to carrying. This law also covers military service members of 18 years or older to carry without a permit.

Government exists for the people, not the other way around. This law honors the right of law-abiding Oklahomans to defend themselves and their loved ones without begging for the government’s permission beforehand,” said Jason Ouimet, executive director, NRA-ILA.  “The NRA fights for law-abiding gun owners because we recognize that our freedoms are fundamental and natural, not government-given.”

Anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action petitioned the courts to prevent the bill from becoming law, unsuccessfully. The anti gun groups attempted to sell the idea that firearm-related deaths would rise after the new law went into effect despite actual FBI data that demonstrates the opposite.  In fact three of the the four lowest murder rates in 2018 had one thing in common, they have constitutional carry on the books.

Does your state offer constitutional carry? Do you agree with it?  Let us know it the comments below.

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    1. I agree! I grew up with a father and 2 brothers who loved their guns and rifles. My parents had 7 kids and when I’m the youngest and I remember when I turned 7 I was taught to respect guns and that they were not a toy. My Dad and siblings and I went up to Baldmountin in Michigan where I was born and raised and my father taught me how to hold and shoot both. My other sister’s when they were my age had this same lesson. My father brought up our Skeet and I remember all of us kids taking turns. All my Dad’s, Brothers’, Sisters’ Son’s and the rest of my large extended family’s gun and Rifles are registered. I just purchased my son a Gun & Rifle Safe for Christmas. It’s not the responsible gun owners terrorizing our citizens. it’s the people buying them off the street. Why don’t Anti-gun groups such as Moms Demand Action petitioned the courts to See where the problem lies! It’s not with the registered gun owners it’s the Thugs selling them off the streets!

      Sheriff Grady has a “youtube” video stating that it would help if people who have a “Conceal Carry Permit” carry and if a shooting takes place that they protect themselves, loved ones and anyone they possible can until the police arrive. Here is how it’s labeled on “Youtube” Sheriff Grady Judd warns citizens to get a gun
      22,365 views•Jun 22, 2017
      FOX 35 Orlando
      23.3K subscribers
      Fox 35 WOFL reports Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s warning towards citizens to get a gun.
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