It’s Shed Season!

It’s Shed Season and we love this time of the year!!! Not only is it fun scouting for them but it is also a great way to learn more about the property you are hunting.

Antlers grow from a pedicle, which is the attachment point to the animals skulls, these bones shed and regrow each year. Bucks usually shed their antlers between January and April depending on many factors; such as the climate they live and the age of the deer. The reason the antlers shed is due to a drop in testosterone after the rut. The drop results in the weakening of the tissue and bone at the base of the antler in which at that point the antler simply falls off.

The best place to find sheds are areas with low hunting pressure, wherever there is food source, bedding areas, and where deer jump or travel very frequently. Be sure to walk slowly and keep your eyes to the ground and maybe you will have the same luck Tiffany Lakosky had!

Deer Sheds

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