Best Road Trip Foods: 20 Great Ideas

While heading for an exciting road trip, the food choice need not be boring. You may have a list of go-to snacks for road trips, but adding some variations to the menu is always good.

So here is a list of 20 best road trip foods that are easy to prepare and good to eat. With a few of these road trip meals packed up for the trip, you can say goodbye to all the greasy junk from the gas stations.

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20 Best Road Trip Food Ideas

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is one of the best foods for road trips, that will boost your energy and deliver the right dose of nutrients. Bananas, grapes, apples, and pears are great options and can be stored for a few days in a cooler. 

Banana Oat Muffins

If you have the time to oven-bake them the night before, these muffins are one of the healthiest road trip snack ideas. The ingredients are simple and you can carry them in a gallon plastic bag. Add a few berries and nuts for some extra flavor.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are easy to toss in your bag and can supply your body with essential amino acids and calories during the trip. Plus, if you are on a diet, they will help enhance fat loss. That said, I would not suggest them as meal replacements.

trail mix

Trail Mix

Prepackaged trail mix is easily available and you can even prepare your own by combining nuts, seeds, granola, banana flakes, and dried fruit. It provides a good supply of energy and is easy to carry. But, avoid picking ones with extra sugar and sodium.

Nut Butter Cups

Homemade nut butter cups with dark chocolate taste much better than peanut butter cups available in stores. Different kinds of nut butter will generate different tastes and the common choices are almond, peanut, or cashew butter. No matter what you choose, all of them taste delicious.

Fig Newtons

These low-fat cookies are delicious and perfect for balancing your sweet cravings. Made from 100 percent whole-grain wheat these cookies are soft with a chewy center. And they do not generate crumbs either.


Yogurt is an excellent food for road trips and is a highly nutritious choice as well. Plus, it can improve your gut health and help with weight management. But do not consume it if you are lactose intolerant or have milk allergy.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are easy to prepare and you can even pick peeled hard-cooked ones from the grocery store. I suggest sprinkling a seasoning mix on them for an enhanced taste. To make them last longer, store them in ice.

Cinnamon-Cranberry Oat Bars

These oat bars will need some effort to prepare but are densely packed with energy. Besides, they are kid-friendly as well. A buttery cookie crust combined with juicy cranberries is a clear winner.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a great source of amino acids and a great food to pack for a road trip. They will keep you full for longer periods and boost your metabolism as well. Besides, you have multiple flavors to choose from.

Spicy Almonds

This sweet and spicy almond recipe is not just super easy to make, but crazy delicious as well. I prefer to spice them up with a combination of honey, salt, paprika, and olive oil. You will be surprised how quickly they disappear during a long drive.

dried fruit

Dried Fruits

Dried nuts and seeds are a delicious option that can complement other snacks. Common options like dates, raisins, figs, peaches, and apricots are packed with nutrients and healthy fats.

Chocolate Date Energy Balls

These energy balls are naturally sweetened with dates and if you add walnuts, they taste very similar to a walnut brownie. This all-natural snack is a perfect food to pack for a road trip and is super easy to prepare.

Fresh Vegetables

Freshly cut vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, and cucumber can be stored in a cooler-ready pack. You can also pair them with hummus or Greek yogurt ranch dip to add some zest.


While they may sound unremarkable, sandwiches are one of the best road trip foods. In fact, they are a great hand-held meal for any trip. Sandwiches are easy to prepare and a healthy road-trip-fuel for the kids. Plus, there are plenty of varieties you can choose from.

Quinoa Salad

A mixture of red, white, and black quinoa with veggies tastes delicious even when eaten cold. For me, the hearty flavor of quinoa along with the refreshing crunch of veggies is great for all seasons. This salad is one of the most nutritious packed lunch options for a road trip.


If you are looking for a healthy breakfast to start your road trip, the berry yogurt parfait is a great choice. The recipe is simple and can be customized to meet the demands of your taste buds. You can pack the parfait in mason jars for a mess-free meal.

Garlic & Onion Cashews

This is a great road trip food to pack that you can prepare without heating the oven. Apart from onion and garlic powder, add some dried parsley flakes to enhance the taste. 

Hand Pies

Hand pies with a tasty filling are the perfect hand-held food item to enjoy during a road trip. There are plenty of variations to pick from. My favorite choices are filling the pies with caramelized apple, or using a combination of creamy sauce and tender chicken.

Ham and Cream Cheese Wheels

This roll up is a great combination of protein and fats and is delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy. It takes only a few minutes to prepare and needs no cooking- perfect for a road trip meal. Moreover, you can mix and match ingredients to make your variation.

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Final Thoughts 

There you have it. 20 best road trip food options that are easy to pack and can be enjoyed by everyone. Finding the right food option during a long road trip can be a challenge. But with this list, it gets easier than you think.

Make sure to balance energy-boosting and hydrating snacks with sweet treats to make your road trip more fun. These healthy choices will help you maintain high energy levels and stay alert during the entire journey.

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