Former Bear’s Quarterback Jay Cutler Loves Watching The Crush Cam on CarbonTV

Jay Cutler retired from professional football in 2017 after playing as a quarterback for the Chicago Bears for eight seasons. Since his retirement, he has been exploring new hobbies and interests, including his passion for hunting and watching deer cams. Recently, it was found that Jay Cutler Loves Watching The Crush Cam on CarbonTV.

Very Cavallari” is a reality show on E! that follows the life of Kristin Cavallari, a businesswoman and wife of Jay Cutler. The show primarily focuses on Cavallari’s business venture, Uncommon James, and her efforts to expand the brand. The show has gained significant popularity since its premiere in 2018 and has provided viewers with insights into Cavallari’s personal and professional lives.

Why watch the Crush Cam?

Watching The Crush Cam on CarbonTV is incredibly exciting because it allows viewers to witness the natural behavior of deer in real-time. The live feed captures moments of deer feeding, interacting, and even competing for food, providing a unique and immersive experience for hunting enthusiasts like Jay Cutler.

His characteristic lack of enthusiasm is on full display, but it does seem like he has a new passion. Jay seems to be devoting his retirement to hunting and watching deer cams on his iPad. In the first episode, Kristen tells one of her friends that Jay spends most of his day checking trail cams on his iPad, and he even watches a deer cam live stream that’s not even on his own property – Jay Cutler Loves Watching The Crush Cam.

Turns out he’s watching The Crush Cam on CarbonTV.


The Crush Cam on CarbonTV

The Crush Cam is a live stream on CarbonTV that focuses on a deer feeder, providing viewers with a 24/7 live feed of deer in action. The cam captures exciting moments of deer feeding and interacting with each other, making it an engaging and thrilling experience for hunting enthusiasts like Jay Cutler.

If Jay Cutler is spending most of his time watching The Crush Cam on CarbonTV, we can’t really blame him. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to watch a 24/7 live stream of a deer feeder with tons of action. Click here to watch it now.


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