How to Not Shoot Your D*!k Off While Appendix Carrying

And other life lessons.

So the day has come, you have decided to carry a firearm with you at all times. But there’s so many ways to carry a firearm. One way that has gained popularity in the past year or so is the appendix carry position.

Some love it, some hate it and some fear it. Do you want to know the two ways to survive while carrying in the appendix position? Well, you do the same thing you should do when carrying in any other position.

Buy a quality holster and train with it. At Take Aim T​  I have been fortunate enough to test a lot​   of quality holsters on our show and the first thing I do is train with a new holster with a unloaded pistol. I familiarize myself with it and make sure it is safe.

Do ​dry fire drills. Practice drawing from concealment and when the drill is complete safely and slowly re holster the weapon. People who slam that pistol back into the holster are the ones who shoot their…. Well you get the point.

So is appendix carrying more dangerous than carrying in the 4 o’clock position. No, what is dangerous is people who blame negligent discharges on everything but themselves. If you are going to carry a firearm then train with it. Build muscle memory until every movement you make is instinctive. Your finger should never enter the trigger guard until the muzzle is pointed at the threat/target.

So because of what I just said, does that mean appendix carry is the best or only way to carry? No. Do what works best for you. If you are not confident yet or its it’s just uncomfortable to you, then don’t carry that way. But don’t feel a false sense of security because you are carrying in the 4 o’clock position. You still need to be cognizant when holstering your firearm that the trigger is clear of your finger and anything else that could set it off.

At the end if the day carry how you want to carry. But don’t let ignorance or your fears dictate how others should carry.

Brian Kirby

Take Aim TV/ ​Kirby Brothers Outdoors(K.B.O.)


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