Michigan Bigfoot Sighting

Michigan Is The 4th Most Popular State For Bigfoot Sightings.

Nestled in the heart of the United States, Michigan boasts not only stunning landscapes and vibrant cities but also a history peppered with captivating tales of the unexplained. Among these enigmatic stories, the “bigfoot sighting” phenomenon stands out as a topic of fascination and debate. 

The Travel Channel’s new series “In Search of Monsters” aired recently, compiled and analyzed all reported bigfoot sightings by state and released this list.

The Top 5 states were

  1. Washington State
  2. California
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Michigan
  5. New York

Watch In Search of Sasquatch on Bullets & Broadheads S4 | E3

Sightings Beyond the Ordinary

Michigan’s vast and diverse landscapes provide a fitting backdrop for extraordinary claims. Witnesses describe colossal, ape-like beings with shaggy fur, often towering over seven feet tall. Their piercing eyes and distinctive footprints have left an indelible mark on the memories of those who have crossed paths with them.

Bigfoot Sightings till 2013 - CarbonTV Blog

The Footprints

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence in the Bigfoot puzzle is the discovery of massive footprints. Found in various terrains across Michigan, these tracks often display characteristics that defy easy explanation. Impressions that measure up to 24 inches in length and exhibit a dermal ridge pattern stir both awe and intrigue.


The Michigan bigfoot sighting phenomenon transcends the boundaries of reality and legend, intertwining the factual and fantastical in a tapestry of tales. While the evidence remains inconclusive, we can personally vouch for one Michigan bigfoot sighting. Back in 2016, the CarbonTV Northern Michigan Eagle Cam recorded what many people believed was a bigfoot. Watch the clip below and see if you can tell what’s walking in the woods of Northern Michigan.


Northern Michigan Bald Eagle Live Stream: A Must-See for Nature Lovers


“Looking for Bigfoot? Follow This Map — Others Have Seen ’em There.” NBC News, 19 Sept. 2013,


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