Hank Williams Jr. Offers $6000 Reward to Find His Grandpa’s Missing Shotgun

Hank Williams Jr. wants to find his grandpa’s old Remington 11/48 16-gauge shotgun, and he’s offering a reward if it’s found.

Hank Williams Jr.’s attorney posted this message on Facebook.

The money is still there plus a $1000 finders fee to whoever can put me in touch with the gun. There is no suggestion that the shotgun was ever stolen and NO RISK of any follow-up after a successful recovery. It was probably lost when Hank moved from Cullman to Paris–possibly from his cabin on Smith Lake.
If the finder would prefer a gun or guitar I’m sure that can be arranged with a proper certificate of authenticity.
My email is and my phone numbers are on the flyer.

The reward was originally $5000, but it’s been upped to $6000 and the finder can also get a signed guitar instead of cash. Hopefully the shotgun turns up so it can be passed down through the family.

This same type of gun has been passed down through Phillip Vanderpool’s family. He still uses it to hunt turkeys today.

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