Video: Wolverine Walks By Biker Carrying Goat Head

Did it kill the domestic goat or find it?

Well, that’s not something you see everyday. A biker in Alaska spotted something very unusual: a wolverine carrying a goat’s head in its mouth. The head belonged to a domestic goat, so the wolverine either made a meal out of someone’s livestock or scavenged a discarded head.

We can’t blame this Wolverine, though. Goats are delicious, especially when cooked properly. The biggest land-dwelling members of the rodent family, wolverines, are known to be vicious and fearless predators. They can kill prey much bigger than themselves, such as deer, caribou, and even moose, utilizing their strong jaws and cutting claws. They may also consume frozen meat and bones to survive in the severe Arctic and sub-Arctic environments where they reside.

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Wolverine Species

Wolverines are opportunistic scavengers that will consume the skeletons of other animals or humans. They have a keen sense of smell and can find food even when covered in a few feet of snow. They often mark their meal with their smell and store it to keep other scavengers away.

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Because of their lonely nature, wolverines need a lot of space to roam around. In the quest for food, they may cover up to 15 kilometers per day and have substantial areas that may cross over with those of other wolverines. Multiple females share a man’s territory, yet he will protect it from other males. 

Wolverines breed throughout the summer, but the females don’t begin to produce offspring until the next winter. Therefore, the young are born in the late winter or early spring. Until they reach sexual maturity, the newborns remain with their mothers for roughly two years.

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Wolverine Habitat

Wolverines are a rare and discrete species that are challenging to study in their natural habitat. Human activities, such as logging, mining, and oil and gas extraction, threaten their natural habitats and cause fragmentation and degradation. Additionally, since people see them as pests or rivals for the game, they are susceptible to being trapped, hunted, and poisoned by humans. Wolverines are protected in certain places, yet they must overcome many challenges to survive. 

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We can’t blame this wolverine though. Goats are pretty tasty especially if you know how to cook them right. Here’s a video of Jana Waller on Skull Bound Chronicles chasing a different type of goat! 


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