40MM Grenade Launched Drone Is Straight Out of SciFi

This could easily be a concept from your favorite sci-fi video game.

Australian defense contractor DefendTex showed off this wild new concept at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC). The aptly named Drone-40 is a 40mm launched autonomous drone with some shocking features.

It’s allegedly a low-cost, programmable 40 mm munition that can be used individually, paired, or as a swarm. It can carry payloads that include camera, anti-armor, fuel-air, HE/frag, diversionary, smoke, counter drone munitions. The prototype has 12 minutes flight /20 minutes loiter time. 12ga and 81mm versions are also planned.

Imagine launching 6 of these in seconds on the battlefield with a M32-A1 Grenade Launcher!

Image is a screen shot via twitter


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