Video: Flatlanders Film EF4 Tornado Passing Directly Over Their Home

This terrifying tornado footage was filmed by the hosts of the Show Flatlanders.

Thankfully everyone was safe after the tornado passed, but they had a ton of property damage. You can read about the horrifying ordeal below.

Ever wondered what a E4 tornado looks like up close? 

Tuesday night before the tornado hit I decided to take a GoPro and clamp it to one of our t- post. Knowing full well I would more than likely never see that GoPro again!

As the we tornado hit our house the pressure was intense! It felt like your head shrunk and was being pushed in and then your ear drums exploded. The pressure blew door frames out of the rooms, it bent the support beams in the basement, shattered windows, tore our dining room off the house, etc, but we were alive! We walked out to see our posessions spread all over out yard as well as everyone elses.

After it was all said and done we lost two Chevrolet trucks ( one truck was thrown over 50 yards), one 18 foot Tracker Boats Grizzly 1860 (That was never found), one 12 foot Lowe Boats 14 foot wide jon (That we found nearly 3/4 of a mile away), 18 foot Croft Trailer Supply enclosed trailer full of Greenhead Gear full body duck and goose decoys (Found in pieces 800 yards from where they started), we lost our barn and we lost the house and countless memories and contents.

For Jessica to walk back with the tiny Gopro in her hand 2 days after the tornado has hit was something I never imagined would happen. Neighbors mail and memories were strung across miles (pictures and mail found 70 miles from their homes!) so to find the GoPro in our field 100 yards away was amazing!

Watching the footage and hearing the news recap everyone has said it was one tornado that was 1 mile wide, wind speeds reach 170 mph. The tornado was on the ground for 31.82 miles! We would love to hear your opinions! To me in this video it looks like two tornados, spinning opposite directions almost like an egg beater!

Since the tornado hit we have a much restored faith in our humanity. The amount of volunteers, firemen, friends and complete strangers who have shown up to help try and put our lives back together has been overwhleming. We have never been ones to ask for help but times like these a mass clean up is impossible to do alone – and we’re forever grateful for everyone that has helped us this past week!

You can watch an episode of Flatlanders here below, and click here to watch more on CarbonTV.


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  1. I know the Ef4 experience all too well, back in 2013 on November 17th a half Mile wide monster tornado strengthens to EF4 as soon as it enters my town and my street is directly in the path. 11:03 am I receive this “this is a particularly dangerous situation take cover now! you are in a life threatening situation mobile homes will be destroyed and homes will be wiped off there foundations suffering devastating damage and complete destruction is possible. I get in my basement and in a room made out of concrete. the tornado goes directly down my street clips my house breaks all the windows tears the roof off and blows open the garage access door and starts pulling me out. I grab on and the storm passes. i have the only standing house every other house on my street had collapsed or been wiped off its foundations.

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