Video: Momma Moose Chases Grizzly Away from Her Calf

Beware of all wild animals, even if they appear harmless

Here’s a reminder that moose can be extremely dangerous is threatened. Even this grizzly was afraid of an angry momma moose!

The video was filmed in the backyard of an Alaskan man. In the short clip you see a moose and her calf walk by with a bear following close behind. Eventually the young bear got too close for the mother’s liking and she decided to do something. The moose charged the bear and pursued it as it tried to run away.

We can’t see what happened in the end, but we are going to assume to moose were safe based on how fast the bear was running away.

As you can see in this video from Solo Hunter on CarbonTV hungry bears are attacked by moose calls. Even small black bears will attempt to prey on moose given the opportunity.

Image is a screen shot of the twitter video

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