Video: Hickok45 Announces He Can No Longer Support the NRA

As a result of all of the recent internal controversies at the NRA Hickok45 and his son announced in their new video that they can no longer support the NRA.

The NRA has been embroiled in a number of scandals recently. Oliver North attempted to oust Wayne LaPierre earlier in the year. The fallout from that move continues to unfold in a series of lawsuits between media media contractor Ackerman McQueen and the NRA. The lawsuits allege financial improprieties from both sides.

Today the NRA suspended Chris Cox, their second in command, and it finally pushed Hickok45 to discontinue his support of the NRA. You can watch his statement below.

I’m sure more influences in the gun community will be distancing themselves from the NRA until the controversies are over.


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  1. I always enjoyed your videos but turning you’re back on the NRA when the trouble starts is no better then being a part of the cause of trouble. As long as you can reap a benefit from the NRA you are a support but when is need the support of the membership everyone wants to jump ship instead of helping to find the truth and repair their standing with the membership. It’s always easy to run and hide any coward can do that. So I will not longer support your videos it appears to me you’re videos are all about the money and nothing more.

  2. Good job explaining your decision and full thinking on the matter.

    In regard to the “conspiracies and trolls” mention. Some of that will be the result of the arguably, click bait video title! “Hickok45 roots for a strong NRA, from the sidelines!” or any number of other titles inspired from what was said could have reduced misunderstanding from the many that read a title and never watch a vid.

  3. I like watching Hickok45 and the way he tests firearms. When it comes to Government I have a very hard time trying to understand the negativity many representatives have towards private ownership of firearms. Being an old Combat Vet I know all to well the value of human life and I also know deeply the proven results of a nation that thinks the Government will take care of you. This is ludicrous and false. They will take our money but may not use it in our best interest. Freedom has always been fought for and today more than ever. It is time to watch our elected representatives very closely and make them accountable for their actions as they are supposed to represent the majority which they don’t seem to be doing. Our votes can control poor decisions on their part and help to make the future better. We need to bond together as citizens of the United States to keep out country strong and not run by a Dictatorship Government like Russia, North Korea and others. Show me the freedom they have. Go ahead. You can’t. Why, because they have no means of protecting themselves from their own Government and that is the only reason their Governments can get away with the things they do. It’s called Communism and Socialism. No private firearm ownership. That is scary to me.

  4. I can’t help but think that it would have been better if you just stopped with your endorsements rather than making this announcement. By doing this video you are actually harming the NRA instead of “hoping for the best”.

  5. The NRA has been part of the problem more than anything else. It is a fully corrupt org at the top, who are the typical DC crowd happy to take money from the rubes in the sticks.

    Gun Owners of America is the way of the future. No backing down from the gun grabbers.

  6. Oh..stick around while times are good, then when the going gets tough, you bail out. Ooo we want a strong NRA, sure doesn’t sound like it. As a Benefactor member you should probably be pushing to fix the problem. Seems this is a self serving way to virtue signal.

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