Tell Us What Mods You Want to See on the Kryptek INVICTUS Silverado

Kryptek and CarbonTV have partnered to give away a fully customized 2019 Chevy Silverado. We already know the one of a kind truck is going to be called the “INVICTUS”, but we want your help picking out upgrades for the truck.

While the INVICTUS in being built we will use your feedback to guide the build process. The second choice we want your help with is the fender flares. Should we go with black fender flares, a Kryptek wrapped fender flares, or none at all? Let us know below, and then click the image to enter for your chance to win the truck once its completed!

Click the image to enter now!
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  1. Girls can dream too this would be amazing to win…
    Silly Boys Trucks Are 4 Girls 2

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