Video: Homeless Men Threaten “Top Shot” Chris Cheng at His Door

Chris Cheng had a scary experience after a homeless man started pounding on his door in the middle of the night.

At 11:40PM a man started screaming and pounding on his door saying that he needed to get inside because someone was after him. Chris did not notice until he reviewed the footage but there really was a second man threatening him. The incident lasted for about two minutes and did not escalate to the point where a firearm was needed, but it’s still scary. The worst part about it is that even though he was on the phone with the police officers never arrived.

Here’s what Chris had to say about the incident on Facebook.

I had a very scary evening last night. At 11:40PM some crazy guy started banging on my front door screaming that someone was trying to hurt him. I was thankfully still awake and ran downstairs to see what was going on. Of course, I was not going to open the door.
As far as I knew, this guy was lying and making up some story so that I’d open the door. A classic trick.
Then it escalated. He threatened that he was going to break the glass on my front door and break the door down. At this point my husband and dog were standing inside the front door and we were both unarmed.
Naturally, I was preparing to go arm myself but was also on the phone with the San Francisco Police Department relaying information to get an officer onsite immediately. Between juggling my phone with 911 while also trying to keep eyes on the situation it was hard to evaluate whether to temporarily leave the front door area (and potentially put my husband and dog at risk) to retrieve a firearm upstairs.
Thankfully the guy eventually left, no one was harmed and nothing was damaged. This all went down in 2 short minutes.
Only after reviewing my security footage did I see that alright, some OTHER CRAZY GUY was indeed threatening him. So in the heat of the moment I thought I was only dealing with one threat, but I was actually dealing with TWO threats.
In post-review, I have a small amount of sympathy for the guy banging on my door but ultimately his safety and problems are not my responsibility when my home and family are under threat.
Here are some takeaways and lessons learned:
The police never came even though I was told a car was being dispatched.
I now have to go file a police report since the cops never showed up to take one in person.
You can’t rely on the police to always protect you.
San Francisco’s homeless population and drug addicts need way more help than what’s being provided. When will the city leadership make some hard choices and do what’s best in the public interest?
Home security cameras are well worth the investment.
I’ll need to review our home security situation since we weren’t as prepared as we could have been.
I’m not a home defense expert, I’m a target shooter and teach general marksmanship. I consider myself a lifelong student of all things and so just because you own a gun or know how to shoot well, it doesn’t mean that those skills translate to home or personal defense.
Education, planning, training and re-training are essential to keeping any skill fresh. I hope everyone stays safe out there.

You can watch all of Chris Cheng’s instructional shooting videos on CarbonTV.


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