Man Shoots Alligator in Michigan Which Lunged at Him While Fishing

An alligator should be the last thing you need to worry about while fishing in Michigan.

A man was collecting bait minnows in Tuscola County, Michigan when he heard a hissing sound behind him. At first he thought it was a opossum or a snake, but when he turned around he found a 6 foot alligator. The man was carrying a pistol at the time which he used to shoot the alligator after it lunged at him.

The Tuscola County Sheriff’s office said the gator escaped from a nearby exotic animal sanctuary. Encountering alligators in the wild is becoming a more common occurrence in Michigan. There have already been six incidents this year in the state.

At least we don’t have monsters like these in the Mitten

Image is a screen shot from the embedded video


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  1. These people that have any dangerous exotic’s should be heavily fined and loss privileges/licensing of having such if that dangerous exotic can’t be handled or contained in their ownership.

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