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In the vast wildlands of Texas, the battle against invasive wild hogs has taken an extraordinary turn.

As per the law, these Invasive Wild Hogs can be eliminated year-round without the need for a hunting license by employing any available means. And yes, that includes hunting them with a cannon—a cannon specially designed to launch a colossal 6″ broadhead. It’s a scene straight out of a cartoon, reminiscent of the ingenious contraptions that Wile E. Coyote would concoct in his pursuit of the elusive roadrunner!

Different Broadheads used in Hunting - CarbonTV
Different Hunting Broadheads used with both Bows and Machine Cannons.


Notably, Texas also allows the hunting of wild pigs from the air. Whether it’s a fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft, these aerial hunters take to the skies in relentless pursuit of the feral hogs. One such riveting example can be witnessed in the captivating video from Final Descent:

Aerial Precision: Unleashing the Power of the HeviShot HogWild Ammo

With adrenaline-pumping aerial shots, the footage showcases the intense action as these skilled marksmen lock their sights on the invasive wild hogs. The power and precision of their shots are astounding, leaving little chance for the hogs to escape. However, it’s worth noting that the aftermath reveals a sight that might make some cringe—the sheer force of the Hevi-Shot HogWild ammo often leaves minimal intact meat on these hogs.

Innovative Approaches to Ecological Conservation

The utilization of such unconventional methods in hog hunting serves a critical purpose—controlling the population of these invasive species that wreak havoc on the native ecosystems. By embracing innovative approaches, hunters contribute to preserving the delicate balance of Texas’ natural landscapes while combating the ecological threats posed by feral hogs.

Texas’ Hunting Culture and Conservation Commitment

As the battle against these resilient invaders wages on, the pursuit of effective and responsible hunting techniques continues. With regulations in place and the spirit of conservation at heart, hunters in Texas push the boundaries, utilizing tools and strategies that capture the imagination. It’s a testament to the state’s unique hunting culture and its commitment to safeguarding its natural heritage.

So, buckle up and prepare to witness an epic spectacle as hunters take to the skies—a thrilling saga in the ongoing effort to protect Texas’ cherished ecosystems from the relentless invasive wild hogs.


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