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Teen caught on video riding mule deer buck

Social media justice catches teen riding buck in an fenced encloser

An Oregon teen is facing animal abuse and wildlife harassment after officials at the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife viewed a video last Friday.

The video posted on social media shows a “young adult male climbing onto, and eventually riding on the back of a live and exhausted mule deer buck while it was contained within a fenced enclosure.” police said. The suspect shows a male in ais wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, holding on to the buck’s antlers.  The buck is heard grunting and bleating.  The buck jumped into the linked fence multiple times attempting to escape the rider and enclosure.

With the aid of social media, Wildlife Troopers were able to identify 18 year old, Jacob Belcher.  He is currently sitting in a Harney County Jail on the wildlife harassment and animal abuse charges.  The person accused of filming has not been charged at time of posting this article.

The investigation has shown that the buck has entrapped itself in the fenced feeding enclosure prior to the abuse taking place.  The buck was freed later on, but the current status of the animal is unknown.

Do you think this should be charged as animal cruelty or chaulk it up to teenage shenanigans?


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  1. Charge his with animal abuse and the one taking the video as an accessory to the crime. Make them do community service with supervision at a animal shelter at least cleaning cages

  2. That’s animal cruelty plain and simple. He’s old enough to know better and that animals aren’t playthings. I hope he gets charged for cruelty.

  3. The guy is lucky he wasn’t gored by the buck. If the buck was in distress, yes he should be charged. Why was he even riding the buck to begin with. What made him think the buck would let him ride it? I feel he had no remorse taking into the consideration that this is a wild animal and belongs in the forest. He is very immature! Does he know the difference between a horse or mule and a wild buck deer? He just showed his ignorance by his actions.

  4. hello and thanks you for this i believe the two people who did this should be punished by the law. their parents should also be held responsible. hunters and sportmen and women have to speak out about this behavior, it is wrong. animals are not here for the pleasure of human animals. this saddens and disgusts me. again thanks for this!!

  5. If there is proof of previous such actions, or if he does it again it should be tagged as animal cruelty. If it was just this time and not for very long, then he was just being a stupid. Though at 18 he should know a while lot better

  6. Gimme a f#@%&÷g !! Their parents should be charged also !! You don’t know if the parents were even aware these guys did this! You sound like the type person that wants to to take my firearms because some ahole in another state went on a shooting spree! Why don’t we get back to holding those responsible for their actions! They should suffer some type punishment, but not ruin their lives for an act of stupidity. Yes, I hunt and do not condone mistreatment or abuse of animals. Let those that have not done something stupid in their lives cast the first stone!

  7. I absolutely agree with everyone that has commented so far! Definitely animal abuse and both involved should get a swift kick with punishment.

  8. Why should the parents be punished? These are 18 year old people and should be held accountable for their actions, not somebody else. We don’t know if the parents knew about it or found out about like everyone else did! I’m a hunter and do not condone the mistreatment or abuse of animals,(or humans). They should face some form of punishment, but don’t ruin their lives over a stupid act!

  9. While its likely animal abuse, which could also bes aid of legal rodeo’s, I suspect most folks would have to admit the ladhad a rather large set o f ball to pull that off I’m sure he will be found guilty as charged and I do like the idea of community service ata animal shelter or wildlife rehab center

  10. As a hunter I feel that is the act of stupidity and should be held accountable for this. It is cruel and unusual to wildlife!

  11. so what’s the other side of the coin ,dogs pulling a sled…riding the back of a horse, camel, elephants making dolphins do tricks ???

  12. YES they should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. These are not teens and if they were I’d want to see them charged as well with animal cruelty. I watched the video and they were laughing with every kick and punch in addition to the endless abuse they did to this poor buck. They should both be charged, they were both there, both laughing and not the one filming saying stop this is cruel so in my opinion they should both be charged!

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