Bloomberg responds to Texas Church Shooting: Only Cops Should Have Guns and Decide When to Shoot

Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg only wants cops to have firearms.

Everytown for Gun Safety founder and longtime gun control supporter Michael Bloomberg shared his thoughts on the shooting that took place last Sunday in West Freeway.  He ignores the fact that the individual there saved lives, and solely focused on his thoughts that no one should have guns.

Bloomberg overlooks that the now deceased shooter had a criminal record including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  As far as motive, the dead criminal was upset the church wouldn’t give him money. They don’t want to discuss the mental illness that the assailant had. Bloomberg won’t address you can’t reason with someone over revenge.

Presidential hopeful Bloomberg overlooks the 2005 case Town of Castle Rock vs Gonzales. That case said the police have no duty to protect individuals.  With an average response time of 10 minutes for police, and the shooter was able to murder 2 people.  It only took Jack Wilson 6 seconds to respond with lethal force.

Let that sink in.  Carry always. Train often. Stay safe.

This is the unedited version of the security footage.

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