Pittsburgh church hosts gun buyback, runs out of money

The Church of the Holy Cross in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh hosted a gun buyback on Monday in honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  This church was recently the scene of a double homicide.

Originally scheduled to run from 10 AM to 3 PM, ran out of money by 11AM.  The church had set aside a budget of $5100 for the event.  However through private donations raised another $900.    It should be noted that most of the guns from the pictures are older and look somewhat questionable condition.

Screenshot from WTAE broadcast

Ultimately a sign was put out letting folks know they had ran out of money. The sign said: “The gun buyback response has been overwhelming. Thank you. We have run out of cash for this buyback. Sorry to turn so many away. You can still turn in guns, though.”

And turn them in they did. Over 150 guns were turned in.

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