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“Huntin’ Fool” premieres on CarbonTV

Hunt films should be more than just someone talking to the camera and walking around in the woods. There’s so much more to each unique experience. It can push you to your limits or be over way too soon, but either way, you’ll be smiling the entire time. That’s why we wanted to use this series to remind people what hunting is all about. To us, it’s the camaraderie, laughs, and long pack-outs that stick in your memories forever. Our “Advisors” series attempts to capture that in an honest and entertaining way while showcasing the raw personalities of the individuals behind our team.

For 25 years, we have dedicated our time to helping members go on more hunts with better information. From precise draw odds and valuable unit data to a license application department and personal hunt consultations, we specialize in all aspects of the hunt. Every decision made within our organization is evaluated for its benefit to the members. Our advisors spend each fall hunting new areas and collecting info to provide you with real life data.

Follow the Huntin’ Fool crew as we hunt a diverse range of species and terrain, battle the elements, and celebrate our victories while honoring the true spirit of the hunt! Watch on your favorite device from the comfort of wherever you are, here at CarbonTV.

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