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CarbonTV log 4162020 – it’s been close to 30 days since most of the country had implement “Stay at home” orders – regardless of the legality of the orders, we are going to discuss and share tips on how to survive this. Most of the tips and data points are from random points in the US. From Washington State, Silicon Valley, Michigan, NYC, and North Carolina.   If you have tips you’d like to share with the rest of the CTV family, please post a comment below.

Securing groceries

The early days of the lock down was like being a kid again with cookies and chips.  However that isn’t sustainable. I’ve avoided going into any grocery store so far – I’ve made it this far by leveraging store pick ups, and curbside services.

Walmart, Target and others offer a pickup service where I have no direct contact with folks besides them putting the items into my trunk.  This allows me to plan meals, and avoid last minute decisions to buy more ice cream. If you’re having a difficult time securing slots with pick ups, try different locations.  I’ve found that Walmart seemed to have openings for pickups when I looked after midnight two days later.  A big perk was that I could edit the pickup list multiple times, until the early hours of the day of pickup.

That in mind, I’ve also been fortunate to find services that work directly, and sometimes directly contacting farmers selling their crops.  Boxes of vegetables, and fruits could be found for $25 each, again limiting the contact.

Restaurants that no longer have regular ordering – offer produce, and even eggs.  I’ve found quality steaks for half the price of normally eating at my favorite steak house, and supports the local business.

Make sure you’re eating healthy – and taking care of yourself. With healthcare being extremely limited, and going to any place puts you at even more risk, eating healthy during this time is a simple way to stay feeling good.

If you’re running low on toilet paper or paper towels, (not due to hoarding) I suggest just checking Amazon, Walmart, and big box stores like Sam’s Club regularly around 10:30pm each night.  They seem to be restocking items then for online ordering.

I do know some folks are washing their produce, along with their boxes. I’m not doing that at this point – your mileage may vary on your comfort level.

Keep the mind sharp

Continue to challenge yourself. Do a puzzle, crossroad, or read a book.

Often times a simple 5-15 minute walk can clear your mind and relax you. Physical activity does not need to be challenging to help you.  Walking sure beats taking a sleeping people to unwind your mind.

Keep in touch

Schedule time to talk to folks – and interact with those you care about.  Recently I lost my grandmother, and I believe the lack of being around folks was a contributing factor in the acceleration of her passing.  Humans are naturally social people, even if you are an introvert.  It’s important to have a conversation, so make sure you are chatting with folks even if it’s virtually.

What are you doing to stay sane during this new way of living? Are you going about your daily routine as if nothing has changed?  What has changed for you?


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