HR 5717 – Ending the Second Amendment as We Know it

At the start of 2020 before the country closed down, there was a bill introduced that was on the brink of lunacy to even think it could become a reality. With the elections coming up shortly, it’s important to remember that your vote matters.  The bill HR 5717 made it to a committee in March, and we’ve yet to see it fully develop or see the light of day.  However since this is making it’s round on the social media circuit, we want you to have the notes on this bill.

Here are a few break downs from the bill:

  • License to purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammo;
  • Raises the age to purchase long guns from 18 to 21;
  • Background check between private parties;
  • Law enforcement notifications if you fail a NICS check;
  • Red flag process for family members;
  • Bans of assault rifles;
  • Bans personally built firearms;
  • FFL dealers must adhere, submit and certify a security plan to deter firearm theft;
  • Removes civil liability on gun manufactures;
  • Safety standards issued by the US CPSC;
  • Money set aside for intervention programs and research on gun safety and violence prevention.

What they also spell out besides taking your guns, and large capacity is how they intend to pay for such a bill.

  • Firearms are taxed at 30%;
  • Ammo is taxed at 50%.

I don’t know how this would survive examination if it were to get passed by the Supreme Court, as a tax of this nature would affect the ability to exercise the right provided by the Second Amendment.  My biggest concern isn’t that it gets passed in it’s current form, but it gets passed in any form.  Our only hope would be that this bill is killed, and the President does not sign it in any form.

During this time plaguing the country we should be able to defend ourselves. This bill would prevent it, if not obliterate the ability to own a firearm in this country within a generation.


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  1. I don’t support any bill against our second Amendment. Any politicians that vote on it I will make sure I vote them out of office. 2020

  2. Any politician that votes for this will lose my vote next election. There is only 1 part that makes sense and that is to remove civil liability to the gun manufacturer. They should not be held accountable in any way as to what some lunatic does.

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