2020 A Record-Setting Year For New Gun Sales

2020 continues to crush record sales month after month

While 2020 has been what many consider a crazy year, one thing that has stuck out is the record-setting sales within the firearms industry. Ask anyone right now who is building an AR, looking for ammunition, or trying to find accessories how hard these items are to find. Let’s look at some reasons why this is taking place and what it may mean in the future.

What’s Causing The Increase In Gun Sales?

There have been some steady indicators associated with gun sale spikes over the last couple of decades. Some of these events included school shootings, the Sept. 11 attacks, elections, and fear of gun-buying restrictions.

2020 is a little different.

The coronavirus outbreak coupled with the idea of an economic shutdown was the first spike in gun sales. This is due to uncertainty and the idea of civil unrest – all of which are popular prepping topics that most found themselves identifying with for the first time. Self-defense became a national priority for many Americans.

With that stage already set, we then move into actual civil unrest, but for different reasons than initially expected. Namely, the George Floyd protests that led to publicized looting and destruction. While the topic itself is home to many opinions, the fact remains that the nationally broadcast destruction created a setting where more and more American’s found themselves purchasing firearms for self-defense.

*To note, the areas that were actually affected by the destructive ends of these protests have seen the most growth in gun sales inside of their own geological regions.

Additional Prep

I also want to point out that it wasn’t just gun-buying that saw an increase. Many households went in the direction of total self-sufficiency. There was increased demand for chickens, vegetable seeds, and supplies. I set up a home farm (basically expended my old micro garden). There is also increased interest in hunting and fishing. No matter how this all plays out, those are practices that I believe many will keep.

What Will All Of This Mean Down The Road?

This is a little tougher to answer, but we can look at what has happened historically.

In general, after a run on firearms, we have seen mass support from the aftermarket accessory world. More and more small businesses popup to support the increasing demand for customization. We have noted the growth in private firing ranges who offer specialized training. These offer a place for those to both enjoy and hone their firearm skills.

We tend to see increased sales on used firearms after the initial “panic” seems to be over. In this, great deals can be found on barely used or even unused firearms. Many decide that they no longer need the firearm or decide they want different firearms after gaining some experience.

We will also see an increased debate over gun rights occur. It Is inevitable as guns become more and more commonplace amongst Americans (once again) that these issues arise. Interestingly enough this time around, I have found many new gun owners who were previously anti-gun. This may signal a slight transition of more national support for 2A rights.

We have yet to see the end of the current trends taking place. There will be a lot to watch and pay attention to in the coming months to even begin to fully comprehend what is unfolding before our eyes.



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