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2020 Shows The Importance of Self-Defense Insurance

2020 has been a volatile year for the United States with several metropolitan areas seeing violent protests often leading to mass property damage, beatings, and death. Many victims have been trapped within these protests and accosted by mobs of violent people.

At the same time, the line between right and wrong has been skewed beyond recognition on a national level. What most of us would consider a straightforward self-defense situation for you or your loved ones can now be construed as an “attack” against your “innocent” yet violent aggressor. It’s quite disheartening.

The primary concern for firearm owners should be training. The deadly use of force is not something to take lightly. Training should include the proper use of your firearm and shot placement. Take part in training scenarios that will help you react properly and safely in various circumstances. Also, understand your state’s laws regarding self-defense and firearms.

While in the heat of the moment, surrounded, and being attacked – lethal use of force will most likely be your primary reaction to the circumstance. What is important now to consider is having a solid plan in place for after such a situation. While most of these types of shootings we have seen in 2020 have been dismissed as an act of self-defense- eventually, in the meantime, it can be hell for you.

Self-Defense Insurance bridges this gap. Someone that kills their attacker can initially find themselves charged with murder or manslaughter. With charges at this level, your legal fees escalate quickly. To find the best representation for yourself, you’ll need plenty of cash on hand- and fast. Self-Defense Insurance provides this.

Self-Defense Insurance is not quite a new thing, but just arriving over the past decade – it is a relatively young industry. The primary purpose of Self-Defense Insurance is to provide those who find themselves using deadly force legal representation and the funds to cover that representation. Many of these companies also take it several steps further with training seminars, help with confiscated firearms, multi-state coverage, family coverage, and much more.

Not all Self-Defense Insurance is the same, however. It is highly important to research every provider. Self-Defense Attorney Andrew Branca, who is also a life member of the NRA, negatively reviewed the NRA’s own Carry Guard Insurance.

His exact words were:

“The value of any “self-defense insurance” program is that it solves that resource dilemma for you, by ensuring you’ll have the monetary resources you need to fight that legal battle for your life that follows the physical battle.

That, sadly, is precisely why NRA Carry Guard “insurance” program was not fit for purpose—because it was a reimbursement type of program that covered your legal expenses only after you were acquitted.”

Now, this lawyer supports having self-defense insurance, but his key point was that one that doesn’t provide upfront cash is of no use for the average American. That said, many insurance programs provide that money to you immediately. It is important to discover the right provider for you.

Some other aspects to research regarding Self-Defense Insurance include:

  • Is there bail coverage?
  • How is the attorney is chosen?
  • How much of the legal fees are covered?
  • Do they offer civil damage coverage?
  • Will they provide an expert witness?
  • Is there personal hardship coverage?

There are plenty of providers that tick off all or most of these boxes.

It is now more important than ever to have this coverage. Your likelihood of being in a situation like this has risen significantly, the way they view the use of deadly force is bastardized and saving your life by use of force can easily end it in many other ways without proper legal representation.


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