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Guide to Hunting Wild Hogs in Tennessee

Hunting Wild Hogs in Tennessee is a highly encouraged sport by the government, in order to control the exploding population of such wild beasts.

Historically, wild hogs were first seen in the 20th century in the State of Tennessee after a few residents imported them. Their presence was only limited to 15 counties. As their sows produced 10 to 20 offsprings in the span of just 14 years, they were seen wrenching havoc across 80 counties, invading and rooting farms and destroying ripe crops. The Tennessee government resorted to hunting to control their explosive population, but it was of no avail. They then utilized traps with cameras and sensors to, well, trap the wild hogs.

Why are Wild Hogs still Popular among Hunters?

There are multiple factors behind the popularity of hunting wild hogs in Tennessee. Let’s briefly discuss some one-by-one:

Destruction of Property: It is estimated that these wild hogs cause a staggering 1.6 billion dollars in damages annually. Wild hogs are notorious for destroying public and private property, crops, and even the natural habitats of other animals. To minimize the damages in property, wild hogs are considered a prime target for hunting in Tennessee.

Carriers of Diseases: Wild hogs carry up to 40 lethal parasites that can be transferred to humans, their domestic pets, and even to the other wildlife species. These hogs also spread 30 bacterial and viral diseases, like Swine Influenza. This is another reason why wild hogs are hunted in a higher frequency. However, their meat should not be eaten in raw form, as it also transmits ailment-ridden pathogens.

Fatal Collisions: Most wild hogs are extremely weighty, weighing up to 500 pounds while also boasting a stable center of gravity. Their weighty bodies lead to many catastrophic highway and train accidents, especially when they move in herds.

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Tips for Hunting Wild Hogs

  1. If hogs regularly visit your property, use a trail camera to monitor them.
  2. Wild hogs are easy to hunt at night as they usually come out of their habits in the dark.
  3. Hogs have excellent heading. Therefore, stay as stationary as possible without making any noise.
  4. These hogs can easily be baited with nuts and fruits, thus using their weakness of extreme hunger against them.

Suitable Rifles and Ammunition for Hunting Wild Hogs

It is advised to refrain from using firearms when hunting for wild hogs, as they can injure them, resulting in an unexpected escape. Rifles built for hunting deer can be used for hog hunting, like the AR10 and AR15. As for ammunition, you may opt for .308 Winchester, .300 AAC Blackout, or 5.56×45mm NATO, but not anything below .243 Winchester will be the least effective.

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Dog Hunting Wild Hogs

In the realm of wild hog hunting, there exists a method that reigns supreme in its effectiveness – the utilization of expertly trained dogs. These remarkable canines, often dubbed “hog dogs,” possess an exceptional skill set tailored for the task at hand: locating, engaging, and containing wild hogs until the hunter arrives on the scene.

This tactical approach not only heightens the success rate of hog hunting but also prioritizes safety, minimizing the risk of harm to the hogs while elevating the accuracy of each shot taken. Moreover, the synergy between humans and these trained canines in this pursuit underscores the profound bond that can be cultivated between species, all united in the shared pursuit of the dog hunting wild hogs.

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Regulations for Hunting Wild Hogs in Tennessee

  1. There is no limit to hunting wild hogs during the day, and you can use any gun to hunt them down for the whole year.
  2. You may contact the TWRA regional office to acquire assistance in shooting wild boars on your property.
  3. You are allowed to hunt wild hogs with live traps alongside baits even after the big game season.
  4. To hunt wild hogs alongside your family, you should apply for a private landowner wild boar exemption from any TWRA regional office.

Final Remarks

Hunting wild hogs in Tennessee serves as a crucial method for controlling their population and minimizing the damage they cause. The economic impact of wild hogs is significant, with billions of dollars in damages annually. Additionally, the risks they pose to public health and safety cannot be ignored. By implementing hunting regulations and providing guidance on suitable equipment, the Tennessee government encourages responsible hunting practices that contribute to the overall management of wild hog populations.


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