10 Best Camping Kettles for the Ultimate Fireside Cookout

One thing that I cannot miss during a camping trip is a hot cup of diluted caffeine every morning. Nothing beats the warmth delivered by a steaming mug of tea or coffee on a freezing, foggy morning. 

This is why a camping kettle is a must-have for me in every adventure. Besides these kettles are equally good for boiling water for preparing meals. 

Whether you are a first-time buyer or need to replace your worn-out kettle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. While most kettles will deliver a quick cuppa, not all are equally well made to last for years.

We researched 16 high-quality backpacking kettles and compared them from multiple aspects. From that list, we chose the 10 best camping kettles that tick all the right boxes.

Time to get busy with the details.

jetboil camping kettle

1. Jetboil ZIP System


  • Lightweight and compact for transport
  • Easy to use and set up at your campsite
  • Good fuel efficiency for long campouts
  • Heats water quickly in a pinch


  • Lacks a piezo igniter
  • Small volume

Note that the Jetboil Zip is not just a kettle but a complete cooking system. It combines a 0.5-litre max capacity boiling cup with a canister stove in a compact, easy-to-use package. Being a bare-bones stove system, it weighs only 12 oz- a big plus for ultralight hikers. I noted that the multiple pieces of the system fit together with impressive precision.

Rated at 4500 BTU/h, the heat delivery is modest at best. However, the system boiled the water within the 3-minute mark, which was quick enough for me. And even in windy conditions, the stove performed well. The control valve has good sensitivity, but it is small in size. Those with large hands might find it difficult to grip it comfortably.

Unlike a kettle, the wider top of the cup allows you to use and clean it more easily. Jetboil has added a pot stabilizer that provides a solid platform for the entire unit. The webbing handle is well-designed and offers a safe grip.

If you prefer the durability of stainless steel or aluminum, you’ll be left disappointed. The plastic components used here are weight savers but don’t allow you to use the pot on an open flame. And be warned- the pot is not the right choice for cooking sticky, sugary food.

While it is not exactly cheap, the Jetboil Zip is a compact and dependable choice. Keep in mind that this is a smaller unit intended for solo use. The brand offers larger and more advanced systems that you can pick.

redcamp kettle

2. Redcamp Kettle


  • Well-designed for multipurpose use
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Comes with a mesh bag for easy transport
  • Affordable 


  • Not designed for open flames

There are quite a few things about the Redcamp kettle that I like. To start with, it delivers excellent quality at an affordable price. The hard anodized aluminum body is well-designed and the short spout prevents any mess while pouring hot liquids.

Then again, at 7.1oz, it is on the lighter side. While the base is not large, I used it on a Primus stove and it balanced well. The water started boiling within a few minutes.

The capacity is good enough for two people. I really appreciate the silicone-coated handle which stays cool even when the kettle body gets super hot. That said, the plastic shark fin handle on the lid felt cheap.

While the actual capacity is less than 1.4L, it is large enough for a team of two.  Overall. the Redcamp kettle has no ‘unique’ features as such. But the perfect size makes it easy to pack and considering the price, I’d say that the durability is great.

pika camping teapot

3. MSR Pika Camping Teapot


  • Functional design for multipurpose use
  • Lightweight material for easy transport
  • A secure lid for backpacking
  • Precise pour reduces waste


  • The plastic coating on the handle is not durable
  • Can be too small for some users

Pika 1L teapot by MSR weighs 5.2 ounces and is one of the lightest products on this list.

I have to say that there is no reason to call this a teapot. A kettle will be a more appropriate description.

Firstly, the spout design gets a thumbs up from me. The pronounced lip ensured zero dribbles during our use and pours perfectly.  Second, the hard-anodized aluminum and an upright handle ensure durability and ease of use. Plus, it is spacious enough to hold a compact stove and save you space.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to use it like a cooking pot, but the wide opening makes stirring easy. It also makes the kettle easy to clean. Another observation is that the lid never falls off while pouring. 

On the downside, the plastic coating on the handle offers good insulation, but it comes with limited durability. Hard use is likely to wear it off rather quickly.

In short, the MSR Pika has all the features that you look for in a camping kettle. It offers excellent value and earns our vote as one of the best kettles for camping unless the 1 L capacity is too small for you.

gsi outdoor kettle

4. GSI Outdoors Glacier Tea Kettle


  • Durable build and longevity
  • Quick boil time
  • Rugged and compact design for easy transport
  • Precise pour spout reduces waste


  • Lacks a insulated handle

The GSI Glacier series of camp sets has been a popular choice and the one-person kettle comes with the same practical features. Besides, it is one of the best-looking camping kettles on this list.

GSI mentions that the high-grade stainless steel construction ensures uniform heat distribution. I found the structure to be super sturdy and the water heated up quickly. And the wider diameter of the mouth allows you to prepare a dish of oatmeal or noodles easily. 

The durability is good too. You can keep it hanging over a campfire without any worries about damage. At 9.3 oz, it is not the lightest option, but considering that the material is stainless steel I would not complain. Besides, it pours smoothly too.

Now, the GSI Glacier is not without a few cons. The pouring is precise, but the lid may fall off if you tip the kettle too much- a design shortcoming that can be irritating. Also, an insulating cover on the handle would have been a welcome addition.

sea to summit x pot

5. Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle


  • Food-grade silicone sidewalls
  • Excellent packability for easy transport
  • Ultralight material
  • Easy to use


  • The BPA plastic lid has limited durability
  • Expensive

Initially, I was skeptical about the functionality of the collapsible design. But it turned out that this X-Pot kettle is an excellent choice for ultralight backpacking. The combination of a heat-resistant silicone body and hard anodized aluminum bottom comes with a weight of 6.5 oz. Thanks to the collapsible walls and foldable handles, it packs down small.

The aluminum base balances nicely on a stove and the boiling time for water is around three minutes. Considering the volume of 1.3L that is quick enough. The wide mouth and the translucent lid also helped me to boil a few veggies. Initially, I was concerned that the kettle might collapse when full, but the material was sturdy enough to prevent that from happening.

Note that the silicone takes on strong flavors easily. So be careful about putting items like bell peppers or garlic in the kettle. Also, make sure to clean and dry the sidewalls after use to prevent bacterial growth.

A warning: this kettle is not to be used on open flames. Let the aluminum base transfer the heat or else the silicone might melt. In short, this kettle needs careful handling. But in terms of portability, it is the best camping kettle you can pick.

stanley adventure nesting cookset

6. Stanley Adventure The Nesting Cookset


  • Good durability and quality material
  • Comes with dual cups
  • Easy to clean material
  • Offers excellent value


  • The narrow design makes it less stable
  • On the heavier side

This cook set from Stanley is the most durable and versatile pot we tested. It is not a typical kettle, but that adds to the overall functionality. However, the durability comes at the price of the extra bulk– it weighs 0.93 lbs. The good news is, the weight includes two insulated cups of 10 oz capacity.

The stainless steel is thick enough to resist deformation even under high heat. The slim profile makes it easy to pack and it has measuring marks on the surface. On the downside, the tall profile increases the chances of it being tippy. Make sure to place the stove on a stable surface and add a pot stand.

The locking mechanism of the handle is well-designed. I was expecting the handle to get hot while boiling water, but it did not. By keeping the cups out, the pot can be used to pack more important gear. I used the space to carry ground coffee, tea bags, and a spoon. 

All in all, for those looking for the best camping kettle for an open fire, this one ticks all the right boxes. If you are a minimalist, this is the only kit you will need in your camp kitchen.

firemaple kettle

7. Fire-Maple Antarcti Camping Kettle


  • Top-notch quality
  • Looks great at the campsite
  • Easy to clean material
  • Innovative handle and lid design


  • High price tag
  • Heavy

This is a kettle that screams premium the moment you unbox it. Made from 6 gauge, food grade 18-8 stainless steel, the Fire-Maple Antarcti offers excellent quality. Thanks to the wider base, it gains heat quickly and, rather surprisingly, can retain heat longer than most other products.

The kettle works well on camping stoves and induction burners. You can prepare instant meals by using this kettle directly over the campfire as well. It can handle the flames like a champ. The 1L version weighs around 10 oz, which makes it heavier than the competition. On the plus side, this is a kettle that can handle rough use.

I liked the ability of the handle to remain in an upright position during use- a practical feature. The design also prevents the lid from slipping off during pouring. The handle lacks insulated protection, but I didn’t find it getting uncomfortably hot during my use. While it is not the cheapest choice, the high quality is worth it. You can choose the 1.2L or 1.5L options if you need a higher volume.

uberleben bushcraft pot

8. Uberleben Kessel Bushcraft Pot


  • A versatile pot that can be used for numerous things
  • Titanium and stainless steel options
  • Even heat distribution for cooking
  • Comes with canvas stow bag


  • Expensive
  • Not for open fires

I am a big fan of cooking gear that is versatile and from that aspect, this cooking pot is a wonderful choice. The advantage of packing the Kessel Bushcraft pot is that it can serve as a tea kettle as well as a cooking pot. In short, it is a perfect option for minimalists.

At first, I was not sure about how the curved handle would perform. But it turned out fine. The lock-down feature makes it easy to use. I also liked the spout design and steam venting holes on the lid. The heat distribution across the surface was even too. I have to admit that Uberleben has done a great job with the design of this pot.

However, I am not a fan of the hardwood grab handle on the lid. While it looks great, using the pot on an open fire will damage it. That limits its use on camping stoves only.

The pot is available in two titanium and HD 304-grade stainless steel options. When it comes to durability and resisting extreme temperatures, titanium is the clear winner. At 7.4 oz, the titanium pot is also lighter than the stainless steel one, which weighs 11 oz. But it costs more than the stainless steel option.

alocs kettle teapot

9. Alocs Kettle Teapot


  • Well constructed
  • Durable rivet connections
  • Affordable


  • Not compact

If you are looking for a kettle that will comfortably serve 2 people, this product from Alocs is a good pick. Besides, its affordable price makes it great for buyers on a budget. The anodized aluminum body feels durable and even after a few days of rough use on a hiking trail in Connecticut Hill, our team found no scratches on the body.

The wide opening of the kettle makes it easier to use for purposes like rehydrating camp meals. It weighs 10.6 oz, which is acceptable considering the size. The spout is well designed and the non-slip handle comes with a silicone coating. Alocs also provides a lifetime quality guarantee with the kettle, which I appreciate.

The aluminum alloy heats up quickly within 3 minutes. Frankly, cheap plastic grab handles are not something I prefer in a kettle. Thankfully, the handle on the lid comes with a rivet connection which I like. But, even though the marked volume is 1.4L, the not-to-exceed capacity is 1.2L, which is a bummer. 

bulin camping kettle

10. Bulin Camping Kettle 


  • Large enough for 2-3 people
  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent value


  • Lacks a handle lock
  • Does not fit all stoves

The Bulin camping kettle has the largest volume on this list and some interesting features too. In reality, there is really not much effort given to improving the fuel efficiency of camping kettles. Interestingly, Bulin has used a heat-concentrating ring at the button of the kettle to reduce fuel consumption. 

Even with its larger volume of 1.6L, it gets the water boiling within 4 minutes, which is fast enough. That said, the bottom ring design may not allow you to use it with every camping stove. Beyond that, I wish it had volume markings on the body and a locking mechanism on the handle

The aluminum alloy body feels durable and is wear-resistant. Although the spout angle seemed steeper than usual to me, there were no issues with the pour. It weighs around 10 oz, which is pretty lightweight considering the size. 

Note that the base diameter is close to 7 inches. This is not a kettle when you are looking for something compact. Even so, it is one of the best kettles for camping in terms of value.

shellys game kitchen

Choosing the Best Camping Kettle

While camping kettles may have similar features, do not expect the same level of performance from every product. Here are a few points you need to check before buying one.


When it comes to kettle material, the three main options are stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. My personal preference is hard-anodized aluminum alloy as it offers a good balance between durability and price. It is lighter than stainless steel and heats up quickly too.

Note that I do not cook directly over a campfire. Since titanium has a higher melting point, it is a safer choice for campfire cooking than aluminum. If the extra weight does not bother you, stainless steel is the hardest and most durable option. It is the most durable choice if you are hard on your gear.


If you want to shave off every ounce of extra weight from your backpack, go for titanium. You will sacrifice some durability as titanium kettles generally have thin walls. But it is an ideal choice for fast-and-light travel. Stainless steel is the heaviest choice as it is the densest among the three.

Aluminum is lighter than stainless steel and it heats more evenly than titanium. That is a big plus when you are cooking vegetables or noodles in a kettle. So for cooking proper meals that need simmering, you will have to turn to anodized aluminum.


Portability is one aspect that you cannot ignore when choosing the best camping kettle. Portability is not just about the size but also the weight of the kettle. So, consider the size as well as the material you choose. Another option is to pick a collapsible opinion that wil help you save space.

A larger kettle that can serve multiple purposes will take up more space, but it might be the only camping cookware you will need. I’d also suggest to check the efficiency of the kettle. Kettles that heat up quickly will help you cut down the volume of fuel you need to carry.


Quite simply, the larger the capacity, the bigger the size of a kettle. You do not want a camping kettle to consume too much of the precious backpack real estate. At the same time, the volume should be sufficient to boil enough water for all the campers. So, kettle capacity is one aspect that will depend on your requirements.

carbontv general cta

Final Thoughts

To sum up, these are the 10 best camping kettles that you can pick for your next adventure. We have listed a wide range of choices that will suit the needs of most campers. 

Our choices are based on extensive research and personal experiences with the kettles. Plus, we also took a close look at the customer feedback for every product.

No matter the choice you make, do not allow the technical aspects of choosing the best camp kettle to overshadow the fun of using it. Once you have chosen one that meets your camping style, go ahead and enjoy the adventure.

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