Assault Weapons Ban comes to Canada

Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced effective immediately that assault-style weapons will be banned. His actions are the response to the Nova Scotia mass shooting that killed 22 people.

This type of action was expected, as one of his campaign promises was to restrict certain weapons, and his original plan was delayed to the coronavirus pandemic. He previously attempted to pass this type of legislation but failed due to not having the support needed.

List of Banned Rifles

The list of rifles that are banned includes group buys that supported AR-related forums such as, and the AR15ChatterBox.

The Prime Minister goes as far as to say that he will also be banning the Ruger Mini-14, as it was also used previously in a shooting, that took the lives of a dozen women back in 1989.

To see the full list of firearms now banned in Canada, and the law in its entirety, the link is here.



Nova Scotia Shooting

The Nova Scotia shooter (we will not post their name) incident went on for 12 hours, impersonating a police officer, including having a replica police car. Once again, the laws that have been enacted would not have prevented the crime they are said to prevent. Only one of the guns used were traced to Canada, and it has been said he obtained them illegally. The gunman did not have the proper license to obtain these guns, but legal gun owners must now pay the consequences.

There is a two year amnesty period for legal gun owners to turn them in, and receive some type of compensation. Trudeau has also said you may export them from the country once an export license has been obtained.

Trudeau commented that the time for thoughts and prayers were over, along with no need for an AR15 to hunt deer.

Just seems odd, that a country with one of the highest per gun capita, and lowest “massacre” recorded would pass such a overreaching type of legislation. Literally having more massacres before 1900, than after, with some occurring with a knife. Source – Wikipedia.

That’s rich.


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  1. This issue is not over yet as we will fight it through the courts. The hunting community has not been consulted as should of been and it was a regulation that was implemented and not a bill of law which should of been presented in the chamber of parlement for acceptance, THERE WILL BE A FIGHT for our rights! This is a hypocritical and political move done by Trudeau during a time of pandemia ! Trudeau with his ministers are trying to control a minority government but he will get his flashback in the face shortly!
    Oportunistic and hypocritical legislative move which is by far NOT democratical as our system should be!

  2. It seems the PM is ignoring the fact that it is not the guns obtained LEGALLY that are involved with crimes. So the fact is, that the criminals will be he only ones with guns and anyone who are law abiding citizens will not be able to defend themselves. I guess that comes down to a hair brush (soon to be classified as a lethal weapon).
    And just how does he get a law passed in 2 days without going through parliament??!!

    1. Please publish the above. I also note there is just a voluntary submission of the guns with no solid amount of compensation for guns worth thousands of dollars.

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