The 6 Best Turkey Blinds When Hunting Turkeys

Here is a question. What is the toughest part of turkey hunting?

For me, it’s beating the sharp eyesight of the birds. One small movement or a shaft of light highlighting your silhouette, and you are busted! And I have to admit, my ability to sit still for long hours is not something I am proud of.

That is what makes turkey blinds a great way of staying hidden from the toms. If you think that blinds are cumbersome, think again. Some ultralight blinds are easy to carry around and versatile enough to use in various scenarios.

In case you are toying with the idea of buying a turkey blind, here are 6 best turkey blinds that you can check out.

1. Primos Double Bull Surround View Double Wide

Best Overall


  • 300-degree visibility
  • Great durability
  • Silent windows and doors
  • Can be staked if needed


  • It is pricey
  • Less wind protection

The first time I stepped inside the Primos Double Bull, I was amazed by the see-through walls. Thanks to the mesh fabric, you get excellent all-around visibility. If you have ever experienced the frustrating feeling of knowing the tom is close but unable to see it from the blind, you will know this blind is a game changer. 

Kudos to Primos for taking feedback from hunters and making subtle but practical changes to improve the older version. One such feature is the sun visor, which keeps your eyes shaded when the sun is close to the horizon. The interior is spacious and a 70-inch center-height is not too bad either.

Admittedly, the Double Bull is heavier than some of the other blinds out there. However, it is easy to handle – 20 seconds is all I need to set it up.  The material quality is top-grade and can handle rough conditions. Plus, the continuous slit windows make it great for capturing videos.

While the Double Bull is not an affordable option, it offers excellent features that are worth the high price tag. We had no second thoughts about marking it as the best overall choice in this category.

rhino blind

2. Rhino Blinds 180 See Through Blind

Best Budget


  • 270 degrees of window opening
  • Affordable price
  • Silent-slide windows
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Limited durability
  • Window design could be better

This product from Rhino Blinds brings the best aspect of the Primos Double Bull – a 2-way see-through mesh – at a much lower price. 270 degrees of window opening gives you a wide view and excellent shot options for shotgun and bow hunters. 

After using it, I felt that the design of the windows could have been better. They open from the top down leaving a large opening which makes the chances of the tom spotting you much higher.

The outer material has a waterproof coating and field reports suggested that the blind works well in the rain. Popping the blind up and taking it down is easy, and the light weight makes it easy to carry.

The blind is roomy, but not roomy enough to accommodate three people while archery hunting. It is best for two people with their gear. Also, the stitching quality could be better and some hunters have reported fading of the colors after a few months of use. Stability is decent, but I would not recommend using it in windy conditions, especially in late spring.

If you are not a frequent hunter, the 180 See Through blind can work well for you. However pro gunters may prefer something more durable.

3. Ameristep Pro Series Extreme View

Best Ground


  • Great floor space
  • Robust design
  • Silent-slide windows
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not a lightweight option

What I like about the Ameristep Extreme View is the ample floor space it provides. It can easily accommodate two guys with seats, tripods, and a ton of other gear.

Visibility is good with 12 mesh windows providing a viewing angle of 270 degrees. The back is completely walled off which makes sense. In most cases, you will have the brush on the back anyway. Extra space in the rear also helps in concealing it in the brush.

The hub-style build has a full-size walk-through door which is super convenient, especially if you are over 6 feet. That said, I wish the ceiling was taller than 66 inches. The shell fabric feels super durable making this blind more weather-resistant than the mesh options. If you want a blind that can handle rough weather, go for it.

I also love the DNA camo pattern on the outside from Mossy Oak that blends well in grasslands and woods. In addition, Ameristep uses ShadowGuard interior technology to eliminate shadows and silhouettes. It also blocks scents which makes this great for buck hunters. You can use the ground stakes to tie it down on windy days.

The Ameristep Extreme View turkey ground blind offers excellent concealment and a practical window design. Considering the price, it offers the right bang for your buck.

bale blind

4. Redneck Outfitter HD Bale Blind

Best for Private Fields


  • Intelligent design
  • Roomy interior
  • Excellent concealment
  • Great customer service


  • Lacks portability
  • High price tag

This turkey blind is a perfect fit in the farm country since they don’t bother the turkeys. Additionally, you can use it for hunting whitetails as well. I have also seen it being used in treeless areas. What does the trick is an external layer of hand-sewn natural cover that makes it look like a hay bale. 

One warning though. Do not put this up on a property with cows around. They love munching on the outer stuff.

Unlike oter turkey hunting blinds, the HD Bale Blind has three layers. To start with, there is an inner water-resistant layer on top of the powder-coated steel frame. Between that and the natural top layer, there is a layer of burlap. The stability is good and the interior space is large enough for two persons.

On the downside, it takes almost an hour and a half to set up. At 146 lbs, this is a super heavy option that is not meant to be portable. The best option is to load it in your truck and drive it out to the field. You can leave the frame out year-round as it is weatherproof. The outer layer will last for 4-5 years.

The blind has four corner windows- not the best choice if you prefer wide-angle views. So, you need to place your best turkey decoys in the right positions to ensure the best visibility. Considering the high price tag, this is a blind that is best if you hunt in private fields frequently.

One last thing. It gets pretty dark on the inside of the blind once you close the door. So, you might consider carrying some lighting to help you use the gear. But make sure to keep the beam hidden.

5. Alps Outdoorz Deception Pop Up Blind

Best for Run-and-Gun


  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Easy to put up and down
  • Interior gear pockets
  • SILENT-Trac window system


  • The color is not suitable for fall and winter
  • Limited durability

If mobility is what you want, then the Alps Outdoorz Deception is one of the best portable turkey blinds you can pick. At 8 pounds, it is ultralight and super easy to carry whether you are hunting or scouting for turkeys.

The other big plus is the 270-degree view that provides a range of shot options. The combination of fiberglass and aluminum poles is well-engineered and makes this blind easy to set up. 

The downside of the compact size is a ceiling height of 46 inches is too short for my liking. 

There is enough interior space for one person, and once you set up the turkey chair, it is not too uncomfortable. However, taller hunters might prefer spacious options. Also, there is not enough space for bowhunters to draw and shoot with a recurve or compound bow.

The durability of the polyester fabric is good but not great. Considering the overall quality, I feel the Deception pop-up blind could have been priced lower. But if mobility is what you are looking for, this turkey blind is right up your alley.

envy escape blind

6. Browning Envy Hunting Blind

Best for Bow Hunters


  • Extra-tall and roomy design
  • Great for bow hunters
  • 180-degree window view
  • Multiple gear pockets and a bow hanger


  • The color may not suit all hunting conditions

The equation for decoding the ideal blind height for tall hunters is not simple. But a blind with a center height of 82 inches can easily be the best turkey blind for tall hunters. When it comes to providing enough space for standing and shooting a compound bow, this blind is second to none.

The 180-degree windows are covered with see-through mesh and the windows have excellent adjustability to accommodate shooting positions. Another feature that I love is the silent-entry door system that uses magnets. Setting up the blind is easy and it offers good accessibility. 

Thanks to the fiberglass poles and aluminum hubs, the structure remains stable despite being tall. Once staked down, the blind feels sturdy enough to withstand rough weather.

Attention to detail is great too. For example, the  600D polyester fabric has a blacked-out backing for better concealment. In addition, there is a ground skirt to keep light and cold drafts out. What’s more, the Envy weighs just 23 pounds. Considering the size, Browning has done a great job of keeping the weight down.

I feel that Browning has nailed the price of Envy too.  All in all, this is a turkey hunting blind that was designed by pro hunters and ticks all the right boxes.

own the season

How I Chose the Best Turkey Blinds

Most hunters count turkey blinds among the list of turkey hunting essentials. That brings us to the question of choosing the right turkey blind. If you have not used a ground blind before, it is easy to get lost in the long list of products on the market. 

Here are some pointers that I have gathered from my years in the field.


My way of picking the perfect blind is to check if I can fit comfortably in it. I steer clear of any blind with cramped interiors. If your primary weapon is a bow, make sure that there is sufficient elbow room in the blind. Next, consider if you prefer hunting alone or with a partner. Take into account the volume your gear will take, especially camera gear.


Buying cheap blinds that offer limited durability is a mistake. During spring turkey hunts, the weather can be unpredictable. While a blind is not a tent, it should give you proper protection from the weather. In addition, it should come with robust stakes that will offer protection against strong winds.


All blinds have windows, but the best ground blinds for turkey hunting have multiple windows that offer better visibility. Gobblers can be super quiet and I have lost count of the number of times that one approached my position unannounced. With windows placed at different angles, you can reduce the chances of the gobbler taking you by surprise. 

So, picking blinds that give you at least 180 degrees of viewing angle is a good idea. Make sure that the windows do not have noisy velcros. To prevent the bugs from joining you, mesh windows are a good option.  If you are archery hunting, you will need larger windows- preferably diamond-shaped ones- to aim properly.

Pop Up Vs Hub Blinds

Both pop up and hub hunting blinds have a metal or fiberglass framework, but pop up blinds are lighter and offer better portability. In general, hub blinds feel more robust and stable than the pop ups. When it comes to setting up, I find both options convenient enough. However, some hunters may find setting up hub blinds easier. You can pick either style, depending on how it meets your other requirements.


The weight of the blind depends on the type of hunting you prefer to do. If you want to sit tight and wait for the bird, a heavier blind will serve the purpose. But if you prefer chasing turkeys through the woods for a successful evening turkey hunt, you need something compact and light. 

Then again, if you are hunting with a partner, a heavier blind can be carried around. But for solo hunters sticking to blinds that weigh less than 10 pounds is a good idea.


Portability is closely related to the size and weight of the blind. With larger blinds, you will have to sacrifice portability. Lightweight blinds will allow you to relocate quickly or move fast while roosting a turkey at the end of the day. However, they will have reduced stability.

The other aspect is the carry bag that comes with the blind. The top-grade hunting blinds come with durable carry bags that will last for years.

Final Thoughts

This list of the 6 best turkey binds contains options for every type of hunter. The best turkey blind is the one that meets your hunting needs and budget. 

Using a blind allows you to move and stay more relaxed without worrying about spooking the tom. With new designs of turkey ground blinds arriving in the market, more options are popping up for hunters. 

No matter the type of blind you choose, you should blend in with the environment. If you want to fill more tags, make sure that the blind does not stick out against the surroundings.

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