Man Who Poached Deer on State Prison Property Will Likely End Up in Jail

You can’t even make up stories like these.

According the the Michigan DNR an Michigan resident was cited for a number of violations resulting from poaching an 8-point buck on state prison property. The alleged poacher then confessed to several violations, including trespassing, shooting the deer, and not tagging it.

Here’s the statement from the DNR:

COs Colton Gelinas and Mark Zitnik received a complaint of a hunter who had shot a buck on prison property in Marquette County. Apparently, the hunter would be dropped off in the morning by his wife and he would hunt the prison property all day. The COs informed Marquette County CO Brett DeLonge and then followed up by locating the hunter’s tracks that were trespassing into the prison property. CO Gelinas set off on foot and within minutes had located a faint blood trail. After approximately 30 minutes of tracking the small drops of blood, CO Gelinas located a quartered out and headless deer. After several hours of searching the COs located the subject and the 8-point head. The hunter confessed to trespassing, shooting the deer, and not tagging the animal. Enforcement action was taken.

These charges might result in fines up to $6000 and up to 90 days in jail. The irony is hard to ignore in this case. This story reminds us of this joke from the Moron Brothers


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