World Record? New 7.62×51 Ammo Claims 13ft of Ballistic Gel Penetration

DSG ammunition showcases a new round to set records.

This is the definition of highly specialized ammunition. The 7.62×51 ammunition has demonstrated impressive penetration capabilities in ballistic gel, indicating its potential to cause significant damage to human tissue. However, it is important to note that the behavior of bullets in actual human skin may vary due to factors such as elasticity and density. 7.62×51 Ballistic Gel Penetration testing can provide useful data on the penetration capabilities of 7.62×51 ammunition, but it is crucial to conduct further research and testing on human subjects to fully understand its effects on real tissue.

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7.62×51 Ballistic Gel Penetration Test

This new round from DSG ammunition was designed for use underwater. It employs an effect called super cavitation to slice through the water, unlike traditional bullets, which only travel a few feet submerged. 

Ballistic Gel Penetration Measurement - CarbonTV Blog

Here’s what the manufacturer says about the new round on their website:


Classified as Multi Environment Ammunition – MEA™ – this projectile is effective against submerged targets and targets in the air. Depending on the weapon and the used loading variant, this ammunition is suitable for use in partial or fully submerged weapons, regardless of if the target is in water or on the surface.
Due to the unconventional shape and significant mass, this round offer great armor piercing capability against Multi-Layer Structures. This shape is also very effective against targets with fiber structure or mud, even when covered by sand.
This projectile may be offered in two loading variants, A2 and X2, where both enable swimming capabilities.
A2 load is the most powerful when engaging targets in air or water, but can only be shot from the air. Suitable for patrol boats, machine guns, coastal guards, and dedicated marksmen that would engage Multi-environment threats.
X2 load is designed for combat swimmers and SOF personnel that operates submerged.

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As an interesting side effect of the design, it can also slice through ballistic gel-like air. In this test, it penetrated 13 feet of gel. That’s the most extreme penetration we have ever seen in a gel test. Let’s have a look at what type of resistance the bullet had to face, which gave it a remarkable penetration depth.

What is a ballistic gel made out of? 

The ballistic gel is typically made out of a mixture of water, gelatin, and sometimes other additives such as preservatives or dyes. The gelatin mimics the density and consistency of human tissue, allowing for more accurate testing and analysis of bullet penetration. 

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Is ballistic gel like skin? 

The ballistic gel is often used as a substitute for human tissue in testing the effects of bullets and other projectiles. While it does not perfectly mimic human skin, it provides valuable insights into the penetration and damage caused by different ammunition types. Additionally, factors such as angle of impact and distance can also influence the bullet’s behavior on human skin, making it necessary to consider a range of variables when assessing its potential damage. 

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Ballistic Gel Penetration Calculator

A ballistic gel penetration calculator is a tool that utilizes the data obtained from gelatin testing to calculate the depth of penetration of a bullet. This calculator assists in determining the effectiveness of different bullet types and can aid in making informed decisions regarding ammunition selection for specific scenarios or purposes. 

Ballistic Gel Penetration Calculator - CarbonTV Blog

Ballistic Gel Penetration is often used as a standard measurement in assessing bullet performance. This measurement helps researchers and law enforcement agencies understand the bullet’s ability to penetrate and cause damage to human tissue, providing valuable insights for forensic investigations and improving bullet design. 

But is the ballistic gel reusable? Yes, ballistic gel is reusable. After a bullet is fired into the gel, it can be carefully extracted, and the gel can be reset to its original state for further testing. This makes ballistic gel a cost-effective and practical option for conducting multiple tests and experiments. 

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