Video: Man Found a Big Surprise While Looking at His Trail Camera Pictures

YouTuber Justin Hoffman went to check for deer pictures on his trail camera, but found something a unexpected.

An entire special police unit walked right in front of his trail camera. The camera was mounted on a tree in Ontario, Canada when it captured a SWAT team or possibly even a DEA team.

The YouTuber didn’t really give any other details so there’s no way of knowing what the police were doing there or if there was some illicit activity going on in the area.

Maybe they were looking for moonshiners?


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  1. Thanks for sharing my video. A bit more info to share: I ran into these guys a few days later at the site of my cam – turns out they were conducting a search and rescue / hostage taking training exercise. This was on public land.
    Apparently these are members of the military, as someone let me know after I made my post, who happens to be ex-military from a base just outside of the city.
    Definitely an interesting and cool find when I checked the trail cam card!

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