College student faces terrorism charges after threatening to melt snowflakes

Lucas Gerhard studied Law Enforcement at Michigan’s Lake Superior State University just a walk away from the US and Canada border. He studied there until he was charged with the felony charge of making terrorist threats, and under Michigan Penal code suggests he could face up to 20 years in prison.

You see Lucas posted a photo of an AR-15 with a bit of commentary that made a female student on campus feel threatened.  Someone grabbed a screenshot of the AR15 with his comment and reported it to the safety office.  What did Lucas say to upset someone so bad?  He post the picture and put this commentary on the picture:

Takin this bad boy up, this outta make the snowflakes melt, aye? And I mean snowflakes as in snow (emoji face)

Searching his apartment

Shortly after the post being reported police went to Lucas’ apartment, and with his permission and cooperation allowed them to search his car and his room. During the search they found the following:

  • AR15
  • 700 rounds of ammo in two metal ammo boxes
  • three 30 round magazines
  • police baton (required for one of his classes)
  • detached AR bayonet
  • two small bladed knifes
  • spring loaded BB pistol

It should be noted that the rifle, ammo, and magazines were stored properly, and not easily accessible. Lucas was not in trouble for having the items properly stored.  He was asked to turn over these items to the police, and he compiled without incident.

During his hearing the prosecutor has threatened to add an additional charge unless he pleaded guilty for “firearm in the commission of a felony”. He declined and isn’t pleading. The prosecutor paints Lucas as a right wing nut job, and even had the office comment this his conservative values could be seen as “extreme”.

There’s a number of items that are going against Lucas at the moment that need to be corrected:

  • The law in Michigan for terrorist code needs to be updated.  Currently using his “intent” as he wasn’t going to hurt folks won’t be able to be used as a defense.
  • In general people can’t have disagreements without villainizing the other side. (This goes for both sides)

The person that reported the original threat, has have multiple disagreements with Lucas about each’s own beliefs and how the world should work. They are at college, isn’t that what’s suppose to happen? You disagree, you get exposed to new ideas, and maybe you learn a thing or two?

What can you do to help?

If you feel inclined, there is a gofundme page helping Lucas raise some cash for his legal defense.

If it were me, I’d offer this advice to all young folks I cared about:

  • Stop posting pictures of everything, the internet is ink for millions to see.
  • Disagree with people, let them be wrong, it will be okay.
  • Don’t join social media to keep up with people, it’s all fake.
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  1. It is very sad that in this day and age we as citizens of this great country can not express ourselves without the far left making it into a dooms day scenario just so that they can have their 15 minutes of fame. After all its all about the social media craze these days. Feel threatened, now that’s rich…its just a picture with some words!

    1. If it’s Hollywood actors or famous singers it’s ok to speak the same words. Madonna said she has dreams of blowing up the White House. Robert DiNero wants to punch the President in the face. Many more but they are famous and so nothing happens

  2. My Grandparents owned multiple firearms. They never brought them out for show and never talked about them to anyone outside the immediate family, who were also armed. Keep your business to yourself.

  3. My comment: on what he posted: I believe that he meant that it would make the “Snowflakes” mad enough to melt from their hatred for the AR15!

    Years ago when I was working, but on a break in the Break Room, a female employee ask me a question about the Bible and what it said. She didn’t like my answer and reported it to management, that I was talking about religion on company property and I was reprimanded!

    At 79 I am too old to know how to start one, but someone needs to start a petition to get signatures to send to send to the Governor in Michigan!

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