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Biden Calls For Renewed Assault Weapon Ban

President Biden just a day after the massacre in Boulder, Colorado is calling for congress to act with to ban assault rifles. Biden has been pushing his anti-firearm agenda for 30 years, and as President we expect him to push harder than ever.  He has previously stated that he favors buy-backs, magazine bans, and a firearm registry.

There is a fear amongst gun owners that Biden may try to act via Executive Order if Congress doesn’t yield to his demands.  It should be interesting to see what happens if the administration decides to use an EO considering how critical others were when the previous administration use EO’s.


The anti-gunners are no doubt following the quote, “Let no crisis go to waste!”, however one wonders how much freedoms American’s will continue let slip away. The current bills that have passed the house still require 60 votes from the Senate, and is expected to fail.

It should be mentioned that 10 days earlier Boulder, Colorado’s own assault weapons was struck down by a judge, stating a city can not enforce the law.  The city was considering an appeal, and in light of new events, it wouldn’t surprise this gun owner if the city didn’t appeal. What’s lacking so far is how this local city law would have changed the outcome of this shooting.

Time to reflect

After any tragedy, having knee jerk reactions will happen.  It’s important to take the time for us to mourn and learn as much information as we can about what led up to a situation.  Sometimes bad situations happen, and sometimes they can be prevented.  In most gun massacres, sadly the shooters pick places with low chances of someone being able to shoot back.  In this case, a super market.  The one place that most of us have been using as excused to get out of the house since the pandemic started.

Learning about the victims after an event like this is gut wrenching.  Learning about the death of Officer Eric Talley, father to 7, with one as young as 5 is nerve racking. It causes one to pause for a moment to feel sorrow for those family members expecting to see their loved one come home that evening. That said, we mourn the loss of each of the victims of this heinous, senseless bloodshed.

Consider getting your concealed carry permit in your home state. Not only do most offer reciprocity with other states, it can help you understand the laws of using your firearm during a life threatening event. It’s time we fight back, and reclaim the safety of our communities, and not be complacent.

We don’t need any politician, deciding what firearms we have the write to own.

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