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Is the Glock 19 good for concealed carry?

Glock 19 Review

The Glock 19 has a compact size. It’s a comparatively reliable and durable gun that is easy to use. It’s a semi-automatic pistol. It has the capacity to feed 9mm rounds from a 15-round magazine. The frame of this gun is made up of polymer and a steel slide, making it light in weight. The safe trigger system is also a feature of this gun, preventing accidental discharge. You can customize the weapon with a range of accessories such as lights, lasers, sights, and holsters. All these features are pointing towards reliability and ease of carry. But the question remains: Is the Glock 19 good for concealed carry?

Who makes the Glock 19?

Glock Ges.m.b.H. is the manufacturer of the Glock 19. This is an Austrian-based company that was launched by Gaston Glock in 1963. In 1982, the company produced its first pistols; the first model was the Glock 17. The Australian military and police force readily adopted this model, and after that, the company introduced its second model, the Glock 19. The Glock 19 was a compact version of the previous model, the Glock 17. Until now, the company has produced and launched many models and generations of pistols on the market.

Why is the Glock 19 so popular?

The Glock 19 is famous because it’s affordable for everyone. Besides this, the gun is versatile, adaptable to different user styles, reliable, durable, and accurate. Similarly, it offers a balance of performance. Because of these critical features, the gun is a favorite of military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and civilians. The good part is that the weapon can withstand very harsh conditions and still perform well. Also, you can modify it with different sets of magazines and calibers. Going through all these advantages of the Glock 19, we can assess why the Glock 19 is so popular.

Glock 19 so popular - CarbonTV

How far can a Glock 19 shoot?

The shooting range of the Glock 19 depends upon several factors, so we can’t give definitive data for that, but commonly, it’s about 50 meters, or 164 feet. This means the bullet can hit a human-sized target at this distance with reasonable accuracy. But a shooter’s skills, the bullet type that a shooter is using, surrounding weather conditions like fog or dust, and the movement of the target essentially affect the Glock 19 shooting range. Some resources say that the maximum range that a Glock 19 can cover is about 2000 meters, or you can say 6562 feet, but it’s not yet determined practically.

Can a Glock 19 have an extended mag?

Having an extended magazine means the gun can increase its capacity beyond the standard 15 rounds. The Glock 19 also has this capacity, and it can be extended up to 33 rounds by applying different aftermarket magazines. But remember that if you are using any extended magazine for your Glock 19, it may affect the concealability of the gun. Also, it can have an impact on the weight of the gun and may change the balance system of the gun. So choose an extended magazine that is compatible with your gun. Also, choose a reliable extended magazine to get more out of your Glock 19 pistol.

Glock 19 Extended Mag - CarbonTV
Glock 19 Extended Mag.

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Glock switches

Glock switches are known by different names in the market, such as auto sears, giggle switches, lightning links, etc. These are not legal devices. They are used to convert a semi-automatic pistol to a full-automatic firearm. If you want to possess a Glock switch device, get approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Otherwise, holding these devices is very dangerous. In terms of the law, you may face severe penalties, and in terms of your pistol’s safety, you may face damages that cause malfunctioning and injuries.

Does the Glock 19 have a safety?

If we talk about a manual safety switch that we can activate or deactivate before firing, the Glock 19 doesn’t have this. Still, the gun has another safety system that consists of three internal safeties. These safety measures work together to prevent any accidental discharge. These three safety features are trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety.

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  1. The trigger safety is a small lever on the trigger that blocks its movement unless it is pressed.
  2. A spring-loaded plunger prevents the firing pin from striking the primer unless the trigger is pulled.
  3. The drop safety is a metal bar that keeps the firing pin from moving forward until the trigger bar is depressed.

Watch Safety at (6) on Building a Champion Gunfighter S1 | C18z

Does the Glock 19 have a Picatinny rail?

Previously, the Glock 19 did not have a Picatinny rail, but they now have a proprietary rail system called the Universal Glock rail. This rail is not compatible with all accessories. If you want to fit these accessories on this rail, you need adapters or you have to modify the system, but now, in its latest Glock 19 G47 MOS Gen 5 has a Picatinny rail. You can mount various accessories like sights, lights, and lasers using this Picatinny rail.

Glock 19 Picatinny Rail - CarbonTV
Glock 19 Picatinny Rail Design Concept.

Which red dot sight is best for the Glock 19?

While choosing a red dot sight for the Glock 19, keep your budget, needs, and preferences in mind. Some popular brands or models of red dot sights include the Trijicon RMR, a highly reliable red dot sight with a battery life of about four years. The Trijicon RMR has a tough aluminum housing as well as a patented shape that absorbs impact and directs stress away from the lens.

Holosun HS507C is another red dot sight with ten years of battery life. It has a comparatively long battery life because of the solar panels. There are three reticle options available: a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA circle, or both. The third red dot sight is Vortex Venom, which is budget friendly with three years of battery life. It has a large, clear lens that offers a wide field of view and a bright dot that is easy to see in various lighting conditions.

Which Glock 19 model is the best?

You need to find a definitive answer about which Glock 19 model is the best. A model that one user considers useless may be the best option for another user because each model has its own specifications and uniqueness. But while choosing a model, you need to consider factors like the generation, size of the pistol, Caliber, etc.

Currently, the generation of Glock 19 launched by the company is Gen 5. This generation has the edge over previous generations in several ways, such as a flared mag well and an ambidextrous slide stop lever. Also, it has a reversible magazine release, a smoother trigger, and a DLC finish. But as we already said, every generation is only suitable for some; still, many users prefer using older generations.

Watch Glock 19X Gen5 | SHOT Show 2018 on CarbonTV Trade Show Coverage S1 | E10

Similarly, another factor is size. The Glock 19’s standard size is G19. The pistol has a 4-inch barrel and a 15-round magazine. But that’s not all. There are multiple sizes available on the market that a user can choose from as per his needs. Some standard sizes are:

  1. The G19X has a more extended grip and a 17-round magazine.
  2. The G19 MOS has a modular optic system that allows mounting red dot sights.
  3. The G19C has a compensated barrel that reduces muzzle flip and recoil.
Popular Glock 19 models - CarbonTV
Popular Glock 19 models – G19X, G19 MOS, and G19C.

The third factor that you need to consider is the Caliber of the gun, which is 9mm by default, but there are multiple other calibers present in the market, such as .40 S&W, .357 SIG, or .45 GAP. Using these calibers, a user can increase penetration capacity, gun power, and accuracy compared to a 9mm caliber, but remember that these calibers also contribute more recoil and cost. Also, they create availability issues.

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Glock 19 Holster Concealed Carry Designs

You can conceal the Glock 19 with proper clothing and holster choices. The Glock 19 has a length of about 7 inches and a weight of about 23 ounces when the gun is unloaded. As we discussed earlier, it’s a compact pistol. You can fit the Glock 19 in different holsters designed for concealed carry. The common Glock 19 holster concealed carry designs are inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB), but ankle, shoulder, or belly band holsters are also used at comprehensive levels. When you conceal carry a Glock 19 pistol, wear loose-fitting clothes. It will cover the gun’s outline, and the weapon’s shape will not be revealed.

Glock 19 Holster Concealed Carry Designs - CarbonTV
Glock 19 Holster Concealed Carry Designs.

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Can a Glock 19 be concealed?

The Glock 19 pistol is a compact-sized gun that is easy to conceal and carry, reliable and durable, light in weight, has a simple and safe trigger system to prevent accidental discharge, has low recoil, has a high capacity, and has a huge aftermarket to modify it. But the pistol also has some drawbacks and challenges, such as the fact that it ejects brass casings, may pin or cut the shooter’s hand, may have compatibility issues with aftermarket accessories, and is more expensive with limited availability. While going to purchase this gun, take a glance at the pros and cons of the pistol. It will enable you to decide is Glock 19 good for concealed carry or not.



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