BREAKING NEWS: Bump Stocks Banned, Owners Have 90 Days Turn Them In

UPDATE: As of 12/18/18 a senior justice department official gave the following statement. You can read the full text of the ban here.

A senior Justice Department official says bump stocks will be banned under the federal law that prohibits machine guns. It will take effect in late March. After that, it will be illegal to possess bump stocks. Owners will get 90 days to turn them in from the date that the final rule is published in the federal register, which is likely Friday.

Here is our original post: 

During a press conference today president Donald Trump announced that “bump stocks” would be banned in the coming weeks.

In his statement he said that he wouldn’t didn’t want to wait for laws to be passed banning the use and possession on “bump stocks”. Instead he suggested that he would ban the devices which simulate full-auto fire with executive action. Trump also said Monday that his administration is working with Congress “on both sides” on “a lot of different things” regarding gun legislation.

“We are knocking out bump stocks. I have told the (National Rifle Association) — bump stocks are gone. But to do that, you have to go to public hearings, which we have had. You have to go through all sorts of regulatory control systems.”

You can watch his remarks below.

If you wan’t to understand how these devices work you can watch the slow the video below. As you can see in the slow motion footage the “bumpstock” slides back and forth on the buffer tube due to the recoil force. As the stock slides back it allows the users’ finger to reengage the trigger which fires another round.

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