Armed St Louis Couple Defends Home From Trespassers

This week hundreds of protesters headed to the home of St. Louis Mayor, Lyda Krewson. They demanded her resignation and recited, “take the cops with you!” The mayor went as far as to post publicly the home addresses of those wishing to defund the police. This caused an angry mob of protesters to gather. While they were marching, the group entered a gated community and were greeted by an armed couple.

These recent protests around the nation have convinced many Americans to purchase their first guns. Protests around the country have turned violent with little to no warning. In many cases, the police have remained back and allowed it to occur. The couple armed themselves after witnessing the gate to their community destroyed, and several hundred people pour in.

The two individual was later identified as local attorneys. While there were within their right to exercise their second amendment, they displayed little to no regard for gun safety.

The woman could be seen pointing her gun at the protestors turned trespassers passing by, and the man didn’t seem to care where his barrel was aiming. The two will most likely be the objects of criticism on the national news. Some people are even stating that what the woman did was a form of assault.

Many people are saying that their reaction was over the top. However, given recent events of violence and unrest throughout the nation, it’s hard to argue that this protest would remain peaceful.

In the wake of witnessing unrestrained protest, looting, and violence, the St. Louis couple wanted to be certain that would not occur to them or their property. With people shouting to defund the police, it’s likely more and more Americans will take up arms as the couple from St. Louis did.

Trespassing law in Missouri

Trespassing as defined in the state of Missouri is when the owner gives notice someone can not enter private property. This criteria is met   when an owner installs a fence, telling the person that they can’t enter the property, posting a “No Trespassing” sign, or by marking property with purple paint in a way that is described in the statute.  The gated community had two signs, as well as a substantial fence.

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  1. They flagged EVERYONE, including each other. They demonstrated absolutely horrible trigger discipline. No one trespassed on their personal property. The protesters did indeed trespass on common areas, but that is a very far cry from the couple’s personal property. Additionally, there were zero threats involved. The protesters were on their way to the mayor’s house as stated, but there was no “angry mob”. They held signs and chanted, even after arriving at the mayor’s house. No one among them was concerned with the residence in question until the couple came outside flagging everyone. They are a piss poor examples of responsible firearm owners, and as such, are a shining example of how this article should have reported on how NOT to act with a firearm.

    1. If it’s true their intended destination was the Mayors residence, then why stop and intimidate another resident? As far as trigger discipline, what else would you expect from an untrained, frightened homeowner? Someone is going to get shot if these protesters continue to intimidate and frighten and armed citizenry. They had no business invading a gated community with possibly bad intentions. Destroying a gate that is intended to keep out unwelcome guests and potential thieves and looters, not to mention thugs and etc. puts everyone on notice of their bad intentions and it won’t be long before they are called on it by a fed up citizenry.

    2. How were the home owners to know where they were headed! I’m all for a peaceful march. But it should have been to the work place of the person they wanted to get the attention from …. Not a residential community.

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